Baby Shower Gift Amount Etiquette: How Much to Give or Spend

As you probably surmised from the title, today we’ll be taking a look at baby shower gift amount etiquette—and what exactly that entails.

Is there anything more precious than a baby shower? 

No. Not if we’re being honest. All of those teeny-tiny onesies, the baby bump, the new mom-to-be, all of your closest friends and favorite people in one place… 

We haven’t even mentioned the yummy food, drinks, and party games yet. 

Baby showers are a wonderful opportunity to bless the little ones with special gifts before they make their grand debut on planet Earth. They also make the expectant parents feel so supported, loved, and well, showered! 

But when it comes to a baby shower, it isn’t always easy to know the appropriate amount to give or spend.

I’ve personally been baffled by this query on more than one occasion, which is why I realized, 

“Hey, I’m probably not the only one!” 

So, we did our research, consulted etiquette experts, and came up with the answers you’re looking for. 

While there are plenty of factors to consider when it comes to baby shower gift amount etiquette, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. 

Let’s talk about them so you feel prepared and confident the next time you see one of those Yellow Ducky invitations in the mail. 

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Baby Shower Gift Etiquette

By familiarizing yourself with baby shower etiquette, you ensure that your presence adds to the joy of the occasion without unintentionally causing any discomfort. 

That’s goals right there! 

From timely RSVPs to thoughtful gift choices, adhering to these social norms allows you to navigate the event seamlessly. Moreover, knowing the dos and don’ts of gift-giving etiquette showcases your consideration for the expecting parents, making the occasion memorable for everyone involved. 

A great place to start is to thoroughly read your baby shower invitation. 

Most of the time the pertinent information is right under your nose. Some baby showers have distinct themes (i.e. children’s books, diapers and wipes, etc.) which makes them easy enough to shop for. 

If the invite seems a little vague and the expecting couple doesn’t have a baby shower registry, then feel free to ask before the shower what types of gifts they need or are most looking forward to receiving.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gift Amount

baby shower gift amount etiquette

First of all, ask yourself: “How close am I to the new baby’s family?” 

Are you a family member? Perhaps the new grandparent, aunt, or uncle? A close friend? Or is the shower for that new coworker you’ve barely interacted with? 

The grandma of the new baby is certainly going to spend more on a gift than say, your neighbor’s daughter you only met once or twice. 

  • For coworkers or acquaintances, people tend to spend between $25 and $50. 
  • For friends or distant relatives, between $50 and $100 is the average.
  • For close relatives or good friends, people spend between $100 and $200 or more if they’re financially capable.

Keep in mind that these are averages and suggestions based on public input and surveys. 

If you have a budget that you need to adhere to, by all means, do so. The new parents certainly would feel bad if they knew you had strained yourself financially to get them a gift. 

The most important thing is the thought and sentiment behind the gift regardless of its price tag.

If you’d like to bless and spoil the new parents but your budget is tight, why not consider going in on a more expensive gift with one or two other people on the guest list? You can pool your budget and get one of the big-ticket items off of their gift registry!

For Parents & Siblings

According to Jodi Smith, author and owner of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting, “This is completely dependent on the immediate family member’s budget.”

She goes on to give us a super helpful scenario:

“For example, there may be two siblings. The future aunt is working in banking and making a rather comfortable salary. This sibling might gift a state-of-the-art convertible jogging stroller, whereas the future uncle is still in high school, working making deliveries for the local pet store. This sibling might gift a super cute onesie with a matching receiving blanket.”

For Other Family Members

Again, ask yourself how close you are to this person. 

A second cousin once removed would not expect a gift that cost the same as what you would spend for your twin sister. 

A good guide when in doubt? 

Spend about what you would on yourself on a fun night out!

For Friends

For your best friend, try that “fun night out” budget and add a little extra. 

She is, after all, your ride-or-die! 

For someone you haven’t seen in a while, cut back a bit. And remember to take a peek at their registry when your mind has gone blank for ideas, or if this is their first child and there are things you know they’ll need rather than want.

For Coworkers

We went to Jodi Smith again, author and owner of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting for this one.

“For coworkers, I would always rather see a group gift where employees are given a suggested donation amount, but employees can give what they can based on their budget.”

Thanks, Jodi!

For the Host

It’s always nice to think of the host or hostess who is opening their home for the baby shower. 

They have put a lot of work into the big day and would no doubt appreciate a bouquet (which would only add to the decor!) or a bottle of wine to uncork after all of the guests have left.

Don’t underestimate offering to stay later than the others to help clean, too! That’s a perfect gift. 

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Different Budgets

Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and there’s no need to break the bank to bring a smile to the parents-to-be. That being said, we believe that there’s a perfect pick for every budget.

For quick reference:

If you’re keeping it wallet-friendly — cute onesies, cozy blankets, or even a DIY baby care kit.

For a mid-range budget — a trendy diaper bag, baby book, or a playful mobile for the nursery.

If you’re in the mood to splurge — high-tech baby monitors, stylish strollers, or a contribution to a baby savings account.

Now let’s check out these other great gift suggestions!

Super Safe Car Seat for Babies
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A good car seat is a lifesaver and we mean that quite literally! 

This one gets high marks for safety, and doesn’t it look comfy for the little bean? The weight goes all the way from 4lbs to 30lbs, which means this is the only seat they’ll need for a good long while. 

Personalized Baby Clothes
Buy Now More Outfits
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Eek! There is nothing cuter — in my humble opinion — than some darling baby clothes

Well, unless it is the darling baby in them.

These personalized clothes are so adorable, soft, and comfy. They will get all the compliments from all the fashionistas, and Mom and Dad will reach for these outfits time and again. 

Baby’s Name Keepsake Print
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Let’s face it, it probably took some time for the parents to come up with the perfect moniker for their child. 

Why not put it front and center, framed on the nursery wall? These sweet prints will be saved forever, and their little ones will love knowing all of the backstories of the origin of their name. 

Simple Sway Baby Swing
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03/25/2024 07:44 am GMT

A great swing is beloved by new moms and dads, and for good reason. It’s a safe and secure place to put Baby while they: 

  • get some paperwork done
  • take a quick shower 
  • clean the kitchen
  • make dinner

Babies love the cozy seat, the comforting movement, and the vibrating motions. It might be the best seat in the house, honestly. 

DIY Cash Filled Piggy Bank
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You can pick the animal that best suits the nursery when you order one of these adorable piggy banks for Baby! 

Stuffing it full of bills and coins is a fun addition as well. This is one infant gift that will grow with them and be a favorite functional toy for many, many years. 

Baby Foot & Hand Prints
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If the shower is happening after the baby comes then this is the perfect gift

Just a little foresight with a favorite photograph and those darling baby footprints? So easy and sweet! 

It’s so thoughtful and personal and will make the new parents melt. Much more than a Diaper Genie, right?

Fun Newborn Toys
  • 6m+
  • Includes 3 Toys
  • Stimulates Hearing, Motor Skills, & More
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Babies everywhere will be delighted (and entertained) with these adorable silicone toys

They will use all their senses when playing with these colorful “Fun Little Suckers.”

They’re easy to mix and match, simple to clean, and great for on-the-go babies because they can be used in the stroller, in the car seat, or the highchair. 

Useful Gifts for Long-Distance Expecting Moms
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Can’t make it to the shower due to living a long distance away from the expecting mom? That’s no reason to not send a gift! 

This adorable bouquet from 1-800-flowers is here to save the day and make her whole week! Perfect for either gender with its sunny yellow theme. 

If flower aren’t her things though (allergies happen!), then consider these alternatives:

  • Meal Deliveries
  • Hiring Maid Services
  • Hiring Dog walkers
  • Digital Gift Cards
Waterproof Diaper Bag Backpack
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This amazing backpack is NOT your mama’s diaper bag! 

Even the dads will delight in this one, instead of having to lug around that embarrassing monstrosity of pink and sparkles. 

And it’s waterproof — you know how handy that will be in the year to come… 

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Newborn Gift Box for Mom & Baby
  • Chosen Card
  • A Cute Cup
  • Baby Toys
  • Hair Ties
  • and More
Buy Now Gift Ideas for New Moms
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This sweet box is for both Mama and Baby! 

We love that idea.

Filled with gentle and charming items like tea, a candle, a rattle, and more, it’s a wonderful option that has been filled with love and bright ideas. 

It’s an easy way to show how much you care for the new baby and his/her mommy. 

Personalized Baby Blanket & Stuffed Animal
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This gray elephant is so cuddly and soft, that it can’t wait to be a part of Baby’s nursery. 

It’s going to get all the lovin’ for so many years to come! 

The soft gray means it is perfect for boys or girls and will be their go-to for bedtime, nap time, and tea parties with all of their stuffies. 

Instant Baby Bottle Warmer
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Step away from that microwave and try this instant baby bottle warmer instead. 

So much safer and quicker, too. A practical gift that the new parents will fall in love with in no time at all. A little piece of luxury they didn’t even know they needed until now! 

Reusable Cloth Diapers
Buy Now Wool Options
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They’ve come a long way, baby! 

No more pins to poke the baby or the parent’s fingers. They’re so easy to use, that you’ll never even miss plastic. A great way to help save the planet, and keep the baby’s bum soft as…well, you know.

These wool ones are another great alternative for colder months.

Personalized Burp Cloths
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Spit-up happens! And it happens a lot with a newborn. 

These whimsical, personalized burp cloths are a useful accessory. They’ll be reaching for them at every feeding time. Totally cute, and easy to wash and reuse. 

What’s not to love? Any parent would be grateful for this set of two. 

DIY Themed Gift Baskets
Buy Basket
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A themed gift basket is almost more fun to put together than it is to open! Well, almost.

You can have a ton of fun filling their basket (or hampers, diaper bags, or a bassinet). The sky’s the limit with this idea! 

Things you can include in your themed baby shower gift baskets:

Hopefully this baby shower gift amount etiquette guide has helped you in finding the perfect gift! How about you? Did you have a favorite gift to receive at your baby shower?

Or maybe you’ve found the perfect present and gift every time you’ve been invited to a shower? Share it with us in the comments! 

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