Cardiology Gift Ideas that are Full of Heart

21 Cardiologist Gift Ideas That Are Full of Heart

Last Updated on June 29, 2021

Yes, we made a heart joke. In a guide to cardiologist gift ideas. And no, we won’t do any more. Cross our hearts.

But if, in your heart of hearts, you’re looking for the perfect cardiologist gift, you’ll find it in our guide below.

21 Great Cardiologist Gifts

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1. Handcrafted Wood Cardiologist Sign with Custom Engraving

This solid wood plaque features a bold block font centered around the ancient medical symbol of the Staff of Hermes.

With each and every line fully customizable, this is an elegant and contemporary yet rustic and natural addition to any cardiologist’s home, office, or reception decor.

Two sizes available (12×16 and 18×24), each can have one or more personalized hanging “name boards” added to honor each cardiologist or staff member in your office.

2. Commemorative Walnut Wood Keepsake Box

This genuine wooden keepsake box is the real deal, made in the USA with gorgeous walnut wood and includes a custom laser engraved nameplate.

Ideal for commemorating a special achievement or honoring a retiring cardiologist, this personalized gift idea balances perfectly between premium and affordable, meaningful and practical. Optionally, you can also have the glass (yes, real glass) lid custom laser etched with any message, text, or logo.

Bulk rates for multiple retirees or honorees are available.

3. Commissioned Art Portrait

To make a big splash with your gift, commission a portrait of your cardiologist. This will be much more than just an accent for the office; rather, it will be a treasured heirloom passed down in the family for generations.

The portrait above was done by the artist Mary Ann who is based in Northwest Florida. She often completes stunning portraits from photographs of the subject, shipping the final piece to just about anywhere in the world.

4. Premium Littman Stethoscope

The world-class stethoscope trusted by medical professionals in all fields. Every cardiologist needs a high-quality tool like this. A very practical cardiologist gift idea for the recent graduate.

5. Handcrafted Wood Cardiology Script Sign with Custom Engraving

Custom handcrafted in our Oregon woodshop, this gorgeous wooden cardiologist sign is made in a contemporary style using real woods and stands apart from other similar pieces because the personalized medical design is laser engraved into the wood surface.

No flaky screen printing here. This is an heirloom-worthy decor piece suitable for the home, office, or reception area. Completely customizable, available in small and large sizes, optional hanging name boards that you can personalize for each cardiologist or team member on staff.

6. Vintage Personalized Cardiologist Sign

The ultimate cardiologist gift for the vintage enthusiast, this cardiology decor sign is made in the USA, features a 3-dimensional hand-carved relief centerpiece, and optional personalized hanging name board.

The hanging plank is custom screen-printed with the good doctor’s name. The board can also include a second custom line with other info, such as qualifications, or graduating university, or business name.

What a great gift!

7. Heart Coaster Set

This well-designed glass coaster set shows you progressive cross-sections of a cute and artistic heart shape. A fun accent for the cardiologist’s home, office, or reception area, this is a cardiology gift both a useful furniture protector and an attractive decor piece.

8. Custom Travel Mug

Your cardiologist will appreciate a mug that says “Best Cardiologist Ever” or “Cardiologists Heart Coffee” or maybe just their name so that no one touches their darn coffee.

These personalized tumblers are great gift ideas because they are top-of-the-line stainless steel travel mugs with double-walled and vacuum-sealed lining that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours at a time. The perfect cardiology gift for a cardiologist on the go.

9. Personalized Wooden Coaster Set

Coasters are a great professional gift because they can be personalized, like this set of bamboo wood coasters with matching holder, but they are not too personal to give to co-workers, staff members, and bosses.

This set of four personalized bamboo wood coasters features an elegant design and free custom laser engraving of your cardiologist’s initials in relief. The set includes a matching bamboo wood coaster holder, making it a complete, beautiful, custom, and well-contained gift.

10. Flowers

Fresh flowers bring a sense of life, vitality, and fragrant beauty to any professional atmosphere. The cardiologist in your life will appreciate a bouquet of choice blooms delivered to their home or office.

11. Personalized Whiskey Aging Barrel

You could encourage your cardiologist to pick up a hobby… perhaps barrel aging their own whiskey – then enjoying it – will not take too much prompting after you give them this gorgeous American White Oak wood whiskey barrel!

With a medium interior char, gorgeous custom engraving, multiple sizes, and your choice of wood or cast iron stand, this is a great gift for the professional cardiologist and amateur distiller. 

12. Coffee Pourover

The Chemex Coffee Pourover provides an earthy vibe and sophisticated yet simple method for brewing great coffee. The glass composition and timeless design allows each cup of coffee to obtain maximum flavor.

These pourovers work by placing a cone filter in the top section, adding coffee grounds, then “pouring over” the hot water, which brews and drips down to the glass container below. This method minimizes inhibitors and conflicts to occur, keeping the coffee as pure, natural, and delicious as possible.

13. Bourbon Bar Quarter Barrel Clock

If you get your cardiologist a bottle of bourbon every year, why not change it up a bit?

With the Bourbon Bar Clock on the walls of your cardiologist’s home bar, you’ll always know it’s time come over and share a glass of your favorite bourbon whiskey.  The Bourbon Bar Quarter Barrel Clock is personalized with the cardiologist’s name over an authentic quartz clock.

Crafted in the USA from premium wood to look like the top “quarter” of a barrel, this home bar clock is a beautiful addition to any home decor.

14. Bose Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Cardiologists deserve some peacefully chill downtime. Listening to music, listening to great podcasts, catching up on the news…

Whatever listening material floats their boats, these premium Bose wireless and noise-canceling headphones optimize the listening experience to help your cardiologist to achieve ultimate relaxation.

15. Floral Heart Print

This flowery human heart fine art piece is a digital download, which you can use to create a beautiful printed and framed gift idea for a cardiologist or use as an accent for your cardiology office. Stunning.

16. Vintage Personalized Wine Connoisseur Sign

This vintage-style wooden plank sign is the perfect gift idea for any true wine connoisseur. (We’re guessing the cardiologist you have in mind for this loves wine. And we’re probably right.)

Made in the USA from furniture-grade wood, personalized to order, and finished to look antique with distressed wood, this is a great gift idea.

17. Anatomical Heart Engraving

This stunning Gothic-style anatomy art piece features gorgeous scrollwork and a human heart etched into a solid wood plaque.

And if this one isn’t amazing enough for you, you might want to consider the colorized phone case version with a hand-painted finish in vibrant reds and blues.

18. Plant a Tree to Restore a Devastated Forest

Trees for a Change is leading the way with creative gift ideas that do more than just fuel our love for stuff. One great way to honor the “cardiologist who has everything” is by taking care of God’s good earth and planting a tree in a devastated forest area.

In addition to knowing that the earth just got a bit more green, they will receive a certificate in a beautiful recycled wood frame stating that a tree has been planted in the US National Forest in their name. Other perk include:

  • A card with a personal message from you plus (optional) logo
  • Their name recorded in the Tree Gift Registry
  • Access to online photos and information about where the tree was planted

19. Shuffleboard Table

If you really want to blow their mind – and some serious cash – go big with something fun and exciting for their chill cave.

Like this shuffleboard table, a 22-foot regulation size fun center complete with electronic scoring system and display. They (and you) will enjoy hours of great competition. The only question left is… where the heck will it go?

Other big and fun ideas include:

20. Custom Engraved Bird Feeder

A different sort of gift from the usual office knick knacks and plaques, these cedar wood bird feeders have been a huge hit to celebrate special achievements and honor retirees.

Made in the USA from genuine aromatic cedar wood, the feeder includes custom laser etching on the front panel of any text, logo, or combination of the two. You can also engrave the back side, which is ideal for a special message from staff members.

21. Cook-at-Home Accessories

There are few things better for promoting a heart-healthy diet than cooking at home – as your cardiologist well knows! So help them practice what they preach with some top-quality kitchen tools, gadgets, and accessories.


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