Happy Belated Birthday: What to Do & Say When You’ve Blown It

Happy Belated Birthday

Yeah. You blew it. Again.

You always have the best intentions to make sure this year is the year you don’t forget. But then again you suffer from goldfish brain more often than not.

That dear friend or family member whom you care deeply for—the wonderfully considerate one who always sends you a text and a gift on your birthday. And Christmas. And when you get a promotion at work. The one that brings you soup when you’re sick and lets you do laundry at their house…

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Tip Etiquette: A Simple Guide to Tipping Right Every Time

Tip Etiquette Guide

These are the tip etiquette questions everyone has had at some point. Maybe several points.

What is the right amount to tip?

Am I supposed to tip this person?

How do we handle the tip in a large group?

Here is our simple guide to tipping right. No matter where you are, no matter the function or event, this is your resource on when to tip and how much to tip.

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Valentine’s Day Quotes for Family (Especially Kids!)

Valentine's Day Quotes for Family (Especially Kids)

Here we have dozens of the best Valentine’s Day quotes for your family.

When writing Valentine’s Day cards, everyone wants to say something special. Something that shows the recipient how much you love and care for them.

While you can easily apply this to anyone in your family, these V-Day quotes are especially ideal for kids. Below, we have creative and meaningful messages for kids (from you to them) and from kids (to their siblings or parents).

Plus we have more great stuff, including funny Valentines quotes and jokes, brief quotes suitable for any relative, young or old, plus longer messages that come from the heart.

Read on for the best Valentine’s Day Quotes for Family!

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Don’t Recycle Gift Wrap; Do This Instead

Recycle Gift Wrap Ideas

Should you recycle gift wrap? Your answer may be “no” if your city or community classifies certain wrapping papers as unrecyclable.

Or perhaps you’ve found out that the recycling center in your area uses more energy than you think is appropriate for processing. Some areas even have issues with recycling ending up in the landfill.

In these cases, what other option (besides tossing it all in the garbage) do you have?

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50 Random Acts of Kindness for Christians to Share the Love of Jesus

50 Random Acts of Kindness for Christians

Let’s talk about how Christians can use random acts of kindness to share the love of Jesus.

In this post, we’re going to talk about what people mean when they say “random acts of kindness.” Then we’ll hit on ways that we can do these things to show the love in Jesus in both word and deed.

Lastly, we’ve put together a list of 50 random acts of kindness for Christians that you can use as a springboard to share the love of Jesus with those around you.

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Good Manners Chart (Manners & Etiquette for Kids)

Free Download: The Good Manners Chart

We have a fantastic Good Manners Chart for you! Free download/printable. Scroll down for more!

You’ve seen it. Those kids who are glued to a phone and don’t even look up when their parents introduce them to you. Kids who don’t know how to shake a hand, kids who boss their parents around in the store, kids who put up a stink when they don’t get their way. Kids whose first language is sarcasm (with a minor in four-letter words), yet don’t have categories for “please,” “thank you,” or “excuse me.”

These children need to learn good manners, proper etiquette, and basic kindness towards others.

Kids these days. *Shakes head.*

The thing I didn’t expect, though, was that these would be my kids.

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