15 Pharmacist Gift Ideas with ZERO Side Effects

These pharmacist gift ideas come with a long list of positive reviews and absolutely zero side effects. That’s the kind of gift you want to give to a beloved pharmacy professional in your life.

Let’s dispense with the pleasantries and puns and get right to prescribing the very best pharmacist gift ideas for someone truly special!

15 Side Effect-Free Pharmacist Gift Ideas

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1. Vintage Apothecary Shoppe Sign

A gorgeous piece of American-made craftsmanship and creativity in celebration of the apothecary’s trade. Balms, liniments, tonics, elixirs… your pharmacist knows these things, and will love to display this personalized plaque on the walls at home or at the office.

2. Personalized Pharmacist Gift Tumbler Mug

Tumbler mugs are great gift ideas for pharmacists. The pharmacist is always hopping around from consult to mixing to the phone to the office to…. well, everywhere.

Here’s an awesome cup that keeps a drink piping hot (or freezing cold) for hours is one gift that they will truly appreciate – and actually use. Plus, you can get it completely personalized here!

3. Vintage Pharmacist Sign with Custom Name Board

Made in the USA from real wood and finished with a hand-distressed vintage style, this silkscreened and hand-painted pharmacist sign features an RX mortar and pestle relief carved by hand and some clever verbiage.

You can also get the hanging name board, personalized with name and qualifications. PLUS you can get as many additional name boards as you like, to celebrate additional degrees or other certifications, or you can personalize a name board for each staff member.

4. Cabernet & Chocolate Gift Basket

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A customer favorite for over thirty-five years and for good reason. Filled with a gourmet assortment of both savory and sweet treats and snacks, this beautifully arranged basket will make the ultimate gift for your favorite pharmacist.

The only side effects we can think of are happiness and pure bliss…and maybe a sugar rush.

If they fancy a glass of wine with their chocolates (like me!), our wine-loving editor can’t help but recommend this delightful red wines such as a a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Pinot Noir, both of which are winners.

5. Pharmacist Pill Bottle Earrings

Check out these adorable little pill bottle earrings! The ideal pharmacist gift idea for someone who loves anything and everything cute. Each earring is shaped like the classic orange prescription bottle with the Rx symbol.

6. Letters to a Young Pharmacist

A practical book of advice from leading pharmacists who have been there before. These are personal letters offering sound advice and insight to help seize opportunities, learn to balance career and family, how to avoid common mistakes, and strategies to overcome setbacks.

7. Pharmacist Wine Glass

You can tell what kind of day it was over at the pharmacy by how full the wine glass gets filled. Regular level: Easy day. Halfway: Rough Day. Full: Don’t. Even. Ask.

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8. Engraved Crystal Medical Name Plate

A beautiful desk clock will make a wonderful addition to their office. Classic beauty meets function and professionality in this personalized, engraved glass piece. Have it customized with their name and field of specialty, and it doubles as a nameplate!

They’ll surely appreciate such a special gift.

9. The Happy Pill Pen

These happy pill pens are so adorable! And so unique, of course, that no one will ever mistake your favorite pharmacist’s favorite new pens for their own. Double bonus!

10. Prescription Coffee Mug

Either that is a ginormous bottle of pills, or you’re a coffee-drinking pharmacist.

11. Instant Pharmacist Just Add Coffee Mug

Just like it says: Add coffee, get pharmacist.

12. Personalized Pharmacy Label Coffee Mug

Your prescription is one large cup of coffee. Or two. Perhaps three. Sip repeatedly until you begin to feel human. RX#: PICKMEUP. Qty: As many as needed.

13. Pharmacist Gift Keepsake Trinket Box

Handmade trinket keepsake box in the shape of a classic Rx pharmacist’s mortar and pestle. The top lifts on a hinge to allow you to store special keepsakes and memorabilia.

14. Personalized Pharmacy Tech Sweater

How cute and cozy are these personalized pharmacy tech sweaters? They’ll never reach for another sweater on their way out the door to work (unless, of course, it’s already in the hamper).

Customizable to the max, it will be tailored just for them and their preferences. Pair with anything from PJs to slacks!

15. Bacteria Necktie

How about a microorganism necktie, filled to bursting with the tetrahymena molecule, a common organism used in research. A perfectly nerdy gift idea for the pharmacist with a chemistry background. Handmade by The Wool Fish, where you will find many, many more creative necktie designs for the perfect pharmacist gift.

Pharmacy Gifts for PharmD professionals

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