13 Best Golf Ball Displays for a Single Collectible Golf Ball

If you have a single collectible golf ball, chances are you want it displayed because A) you hit a hole in one, or B) it’s a signed or tournament-used ball from a golf professional and it deserves a special place apart from all the rest.

In either case, you don’t want it to go in with your regular golf ball collection. You want something unique, perhaps something customized, just for this ball.

We’ve scoured the web to find the 13 best golf ball displays for a single collectible golf ball. Some are hole in one ball displays, others are more generic and can be used for a great round, a signed piece, a tourney-used ball, and more.

Do you have a large collection? Check out our roundup of the 10 Best Golf Ball Displays for Collectible Golf Balls. You’ll find something there no matter how large or small your collection is.

Additionally, we have included a spread of premium, mid-range, and low-end products to suit whatever your budget may be. This means that several of these will be the best displays for a single collectible golf ball in a given price range.

We’re also intentionally featuring a variety of different styles – wall mounted, desktop, wood, acrylic, personalized, hole-in-one theme, golf ball only, ball plus scorecard, etc – so that you get the best of the best in terms of choice, style, features, and functionality. Our hope is that this list is of service to you!

13 Single Golf Ball Display Cases

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1. Crossed Clubs Handcrafted Personalized Golf Ball Plaque (Made in USA)

While it says “Hole in One” across the top, if you need this to say something else just let us know. Completely customizable, this wooden golf ball display plaque is made in the USA from real wood.

We hand craft each display in our Oregon wood shop. Not only is it a beautifully rustic yet contemporary display, we will also laser engrave any details that make your golf ball special. Whether it’s your hole in one ball or the ball that won the Masters, we’ll engrave whatever you want to showcase your collectible golf ball.

2. Vintage Handcrafted Personalized Wooden Hole in One Plaque (Made in USA)

Custom laser engraved in a fun yet classy vintage style, this wooden plaque is handcrafted in Oregon from durable and beautiful wood.

The dark-stained frame contrasts perfectly with the lighter surface area, which gets etched with your name, the date of your hole-in-one, and other details like the hole number, yardage, club used, and name of the golf course.

For the golf ball itself, a little wooden shelf in wood that matches the frame. There’s a little divot to hold the ball in place, and with it in the center of the plaque this piece will be a conversation starter for years to come.

Also available in several other engraving designs, including contemporary crossed clubs and elegant script fonts.

3. Hole in One Golf Scorecard & Ball Frame

It’s a momentous occasion, so naturally it deserves both recognition and display! These all-in-one displays for their first (or second or third) hole-in-one are perfect for not only displaying their ball, but they also have a place for their scorecard, a commemorative photo, and a custom inscription.

The simple, sleek design fits in with any style decor, too. A win win win all around!

4. Engraved #1 Golf Ball Display Plaque

Show off that special hole-in-one ball with class and timeless style! This great plaque is everything you could want in a ball display and can be engraved with all of the important specifics around the big shot.

The beautiful wood and quality engraving only serve to heighten the appeal of this great piece.

5. Minimalistic Scorecard & Ball Display

Simple but with no shortage of class and charm, this beautiful hardwood golf ball and scorecard display will look marvelous on their desk or featured in the bookcase. Quality crafted of beautiful, natural grained walnut and maple wood, you can also request custom designs from the artist if you wish. Such a beautiful piece!

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6. Wall Mounted Glass Golf Ball Display with Wood Frame (Made in USA)

The features that set this display apart are the unique combination of clear glass case with wood frame, a sense of simple elegance, and mid-range affordability.

This single golf ball display is made to order in the USA with 50% UV protected, double strength glass and mirror and accented with furniture grade cherry molding.

The mirror helps accent your trophy golf ball, which can be accessed through the hinged top for easy access. Real glass and a lovely cherry finish make this the ideal display for simplicity and elegance. Arrives ready to hang.

7. Turf Floor Single Ball Display Case

This sporty ball display is perfect for the home office or mancave (or womancave)! Whether it’s a hole-in-one ball you’re looking to show off, or a signed ball from one of your favorite players, this versatile case has got you covered!

The backdrop can be left as a plain black, or you can display a photograph or a scorecard behind the ball.

8. Affordable Golf Ball Display Stand Case

Pricing may vary, but for less than most restaurant entrees you can get this nice quality imported display for a single collectible golf ball. The acrylic outer shell protects the ball from UV damage, and the clear acrylic ring helps steady the ball keeping it securely in place.

The wooden frame base is MDF with cherry finish and includes a mirror to reflect and enhance the ball display. The top cover lifts off for interior access.

There is space on the flat area to add a personalized name plate, but this is not included, keeping the cost down for you. A simple and affordable choice that is accessible to all and still looks rather nice.

9. Custom Golf Ball Display Box with Glass Lid Life

For your favorite golf enthusiast comes this gorgeous ball display box. Handcrafted with the highest quality and custom engraved, it’s a safe and polished way to display that prized ball.

Whether it’s for their first ever hole-in-one, or a signed ball from their top sportsman or sportswoman, this beautiful piece will suit their needs perfectly.

10. Premium Personalized Golf Ball Display Stand Case

This desktop golf ball display stand is similar in style to #7 on this list, but has the bona fides to demand the premium price tag. The display itself is miles above in terms of quality and overall presentation.

Made with American Walnut and finished by hand with a cherry stain, this single golf ball display case includes personalized engraving on the nameplate.

The ball is held in place by an elegant wooden tee, and the acrylic cover is crisp and perfectly constructed. A gorgeous yet understated personalized desktop display case for a single collectible golf ball.

11. Engraved Championship Ring Display Case

How cool are these custom engraved championship ring cases?! We can practically hear the oohs and ahhs from here. Fashioned from high quality acrylic casing and personalized with the laser engraved name plaque, these cases aim to please. They’ll love showing it off to all their friends.

12. Customized Acrylic Golf Ball Display

For a more corporate look, this clear acrylic golf ball display showcases the single collectible golf ball and includes custom laser etching on the name plate.

The case is well regarded, has a mid-range price tag, and boasts a simple, understated, yet elegant style.

13. Golf Ball Cube

Last but not…. well, ok, probably least. This acrylic cube is four bucks and change, and it holds a single golf ball.

Nothing more really to say about it other than that it does a great job protecting your collectible golf ball from dust, decay, UV, and damage, while remaining visible and only setting you back a few dollars. It’s simply the best single collectible golf ball display in its price range.

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