21 Most Creative Gun Collector Gift Ideas

Looking for gun collector gift ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place then!

What gift does a gun collector want most of all? A gun, of course! Rifles, shotguns, handguns, pistols — lovers of guns love them all.

But then again, a genuine collector can be a bit particular about which guns to get, so if you don’t want to venture into the territory of actually buying a gun, here are some of the most creative gun enthusiast gift ideas around.

21 Most Creative Gun Collector Gift Ideas

Finding gifts for gun enthusiasts can seem like an almost impossible task, especially if you aren’t well versed in the world of firearms.

Sure you could grab a copy of Rifleman magazine and pick out something shiny that catches your eye, but before you do, take a look through some of the great gifts for gun lovers that we’ve rounded up for you.

Any one of these would make a surprisingly great gun enthusiast gift that will make them say, “how did you know?”

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1. The Shooter’s Bible 115th Ed.

At the top of our list of gifts for gun lovers is none other than the Shooter’s Bible. The must-have reference for gun collectors and firearm enthusiasts, there’s a really good reason why it’s sold over 7 million copies…because it’s amazing!

This book contains nearly every firearms manufacturer in the world in its renowned compendium. They’ll never have need of another — that is until the 116th edition comes out.

2. Personalized Gun Collector Tumbler

Our Personalized Tumblers can be custom laser etched with any text, in any font you like.

Shown above we have our “Best Ever” design, which you can personalize with the recipient’s name and totally customize the phrase beneath – “Best. Guns. Ever.” or perhaps “Gun Collector & Enthusiast” or “Winchester ’73” – whatever you want!

Plus these mugs are well-crafted with double-walled stainless steel construction and a vacuum sealed interior that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours on end. The perfect personalized gun collector gift!

3. Vintage Personalized Gun Collector Sign

Check out this vintage style all-wood gun collector plaque to hang above your gun case, declaring that you’re a bona fide expert. Comes ready to hang and with a 3-d hand carved applique of an old antique gun.

Optional personalized name plank that hangs down, you can get multiples if you want to list the top items in your collection along with your name. Made in the USA.

4. Blue Book of Gun Values, 39th Edition

The industry standard value reference guide, in a brand-new 39th edition. The Blue Book of Gun Values is a great gift for any gun collector or enthusiast.

Filled with more than just values and pricing, this handbook includes history, descriptions, and much more for all gun types.

More popular gun collector’s reference works:

5. Personalized Ammo Can

What do gun collectors love nearly as much as their firearms? If you guessed their ammunition, then you couldn’t be more correct!

A couple of these personalized ammunition cans would make excellent gifts for gun enthusiasts.

6. Vintage Personalized Rowdy Buck Conservation Club Sign

Another vintage design, the Rowdy Buck Conservation Club Sign is made in America from furniture-grade wood.

It comes ready to hang, and adds a splash of personalized antique style to a gun collector’s office, den, or gun room.

7. Target Bullet Clock

These rustic handcrafted clocks feature intricate settings of bullets for each minute in the hour.

The practice target is a fun design and will easily blend with a variety of interiors, too. A fun and creative gift idea for the gun collector in your life.

8. Wanna See My Guns T-Shirt

Gun collectors just want to show off their guns. This is the perfect t-shirt for a gun enthusiast with a touch of wry humor.

9. Self Healing Target

Here’s a gun collector gift idea that can be put to good use, over and over again.

Rated for pistols and rifles from .22 LR all the way up to 50 BMG, the cube’s shape and construction allows it to be shot thousands of times.

It will simply flip over and bounce around again, and be ready moments later to be shot again. Great for target practice.

10. Pew Pew Specialist Mug

How could he not love this funny mug? Guns. Coffee. ‘Nuff said.

11. “Bulletproof” Whiskey Shot Glasses with Real .308 Bullet

Here’s a great gun collector gift idea for the straight shootin’ whiskey enthusiast. This set of two “bulletproof” shot glasses feature a real .308 bullet embedded into the glass. Drink up!

If your gun collector is into whiskey, you’ll want to check out our whiskey gift guide.

12. SafeNDry Gun Safe Dehumidifier

This moisture eliminator reduces the risk of mold, mildew, rust, and corrosion in the gun safe or gun cabinet. An great gift that any gun collector will appreciate and put to good use.

13. Red Dot Reticle Coaster Set

This personalized slate coaster set includes custom design of the reticle of choice. A super unique choice of gun lover gifts!

14. Hidden Gun Storage Wall Decor

This rustic wood wall mounted plaque is so chic with your family name or initials. But wait…slide the frame a bit to the left and presto! You are ready for action.

Truly one of the most creative gun collector gift ideas for those who want to keep their decor style cute and Pinteresty.

15. American Flag Gun Concealment Cabinet

Patriotic stained wood gun cabinet shaped and colored like an American flag, concealing your AR-15 or other collectible gun. Comes with blank foam that you can cut to fit the gun of your choice.

16. Biometric Smart Handgun Safe

So maybe a gun safe is a more traditional gun gift idea, but the “smart” feature merits your attention. Most gun collectors are totally concerned with personal safety, and this is one of the best accessories on the market.

The Vaultek Biometric Handgun Safe can be kept close by — at your desk, bedside nightstand, or under the kitchen counter — and it locks with “smart safe” technology for safety and security.

17. Out of Sight Gun Safe

Check it out — this gun safe is superbly designed to minimize wasted space and increase the accessibility of your stored gun collection.

The inner tray pulls out, allowing you to view and play with the guns as easily as you like, leaving no movable parts in the safe for easy maintenance.

Plus it’s handcrafted in the USA with true American pride and ingenuity, making it the dream gift idea for a gun collector.

18. Gun Jewelry

Perfect for the fashionable gun collector, a cute jewelry accent like old-fashioned pistols, M41As, sniper rifles, M16s, and more can be yours to wear proudly. More gun jewelry here >>

19. Time-Life History of the Gun in 500 Photographs

Time-Life’s History of the Gun in 500 Photographs is a fun coffee table book for the gun collector.

Highly readable and informative, even to the longtime aficionado and history buff.

20. Custom Gun Cleaning Mat

If he’s got a lot of guns, chances are he spends a decent amount of time cleaning them, too.

In that case, get him a custom cleaning mat! You can have it personalized with his name or favorite firearm manufacturer logo for a special touch.

These make great all-round gun lover gifts whether he is into collecting, hunting, or just regular target practice.

21. 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

The final entry in our list of 21 gifts for gun lovers! It’s another bottle opener, but this one is a 50 caliber shell casing fired by the United States military and repurposed to a new life of opening beers and sharing cheers.

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