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21 CPA Gift Ideas for the Accountant in Your Life

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Whether you’re browsing CPA gift ideas for the longtime accountant or a recent graduate, these 21 CPA gift ideas are the best of the best as a special present for your favoritest accountant.

We’ve scoured gift sites, message boards, and accountant’s websites to find the very best CPA gift ideas. Yes, some of these are cheesy – but every desk-strapped office worker needs a respectable collection cliche office gifts. But overall we’ve tried to include only the very best stuff, and mainly those items that an accountant – a real, live person with interests and hobbies – will actually want.

Gifts for the accountant in your life

We hope these help you find the perfect gift for retirement, birthday, Christmas, or special achievement for the accountant in your life!

21 CPA Gift Ideas for the Accountant in Your Life

1. Vintage CPA Accountant Plaque with Personalized Name Board

CPA Gift Ideas for an Accountant

This old-fashioned CPA plaque is our favorite gift idea for the accountant in your life. Made in the USA with furniture-grade wood, custom printed and then distressed by hand to create a fun vintage effect.

This spacious 24″ wide plaque includes tons of nerdy bookkeeping quotes in an old-fashioned style. Also features two hand-carved moneybag reliefs that make this accountant gift truly pop. The optional hanging name board is personalized with name and optional second line. Available here.

2. Alcohol

Gift Ideas for Accountants

OK so maybe this should be #1, but we don’t want to paint the wrong picture about CPAs. BUT…. with all the uber-lame CPA gift ideas out there, your accountant will appreciate something with a little more class. Find out if they like wine, craft beer, spirits, etc., then get a nice bottle as a delightful gift.

You can always include an accessory such as a personalized flask, customized oak aging barrel, wine-themed wall decor, personalized bottle openers, or some custom engraved barware. Check out our home bar gifts collection here.

3. Smart Watch

Accountant Gift Idea: Smart Watch

Accountant are generally pretty anal and like to know what time it is. Combine that with a penchant towards geeky tech, and a new smart watch such as the Fitbit Blaze will be the CPA gift par excellence. Shop smart watches here.

4. A Ridiculous Amount of White Out Tape

Gift Ideas for CPAs: White Out Tape

Ever received a birthday card that was whited out and then written over again? You have an accountant friend. White out, along with other tools such as calculators, rulers, and binder tabs (all stuff for future posts) are key staples of the accountant trade. (HT)

By giving an accountant a rigidulous amount of white out tape, you’re showing them that you value their inner chi. Available here.

5. Accountant Accessories Gift Basket

Office Supplies Gift Basket

Here are the ingredients for an amazing Accountant Accessories Gift Basket:

6. The Office

Gift Ideas for Accountants

Anyone who has ever worked in or even near an office loves The Office. If they don’t already have it, get the CPA in your life the complete series, available here.

7. I’m A CPA, We Turn Coffee Into Tax Returns Shirt

Accountant humor t-shirtAvailable here

CPAs turn coffee into tax returns. This is literally true.

Input = Coffee + Information

Output = Tax Return

Personalized Wall Decor

Fun Gift Ideas for Accountants

Add some unique flavor to your accountant’s wall decor with a unique personalized sign. Though they might seem like it sometimes, CPAs really aren’t robots – they’re people too! They have other hobbies and things that they enjoy.

For the accountant who loves a good beer, the Biergarten Quarter Barrel Sign is an excellent choice. Or maybe they love some delicious BBQ, or perhaps they restore old motorcycles. Whatever they like to do – watch movies, sip on bourbon, dabble in photography, fly or cruise as a world traveler – there is a plaque for them.

Here are some popular categories:

8. Music Subscription

Gifts for CPA or Accountant

You know that it’s nice to be able to listen to something that helps you chillax while you work. It’s the same for accountants – some like soothing classical tunes, some prefer rollickin’ country, others like hard rock and still others are into the modern folk music scene.

So get them a year’s subscription to ad-free, distraction-free music. Here are some of the most popular options:

9. Stupid Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mug Gift Idea for an Accountant

There’s no lack of stupid accountant quotes out there to put on coffee mugs. But I think we all secretly love those little inside jokes. Even if they don’t like a good pun (“It’s accrual world” – get it? doyaget it?), every accountant needs a coffee mug anyways. Get this one here.

More popular stupid accountant quote mugs:

10. Personalized Maple Twist Ballpoint Pen

Custom Engraved Maple Pen

Here’s a gift that can land anywhere between classy and sassy, depending on what you want to have engraved on it. A premium-quality ballpoint pen is a necessity in any CPA’s arsenal; and this one is all the better because it’s customized.

You can choose to put their name as a nice heirloom gift, or etch a stupid CPA quote (see above) for something a little spicier. Personalize yours here.

11. USB Numeric Keypad

CPA Gift Ideas - Numeric Keypad

You’d have to be an accountant to understand how much they love these. Just get one and watch them geek out. Available here.

12. Executive Golf Putter Set

Golf Gift Ideas for the CPA Accountant

When it’s time to take a break, your CPA will love to hone their short game with this great golf gift set. With four personalized vintage-style designs to choose from, each of which includes their name customized on the top of the box, this is a very nice heirloom gift for the CPA/golfer.

This CPA gift idea includes full size collapsible putter, 2 golf balls, automatic ball return, rosewood gift box, and personalization. Available here.

13. Accountant Chalkboard Clock

CPA Gift Ideas

What time is it? Tax time! Your CPA will have no excuse for when your taxes are due after you thoughtfully gift them this clock. Available here.

14. Mobile WiFi Hot Spot

Mobile WiFi Hot Spot Gift Ideas for Accountants

An accountant on the go will love to have their own dedicated and mobile WiFi hot spot. The Skyroam hot spot pictured above is a SIM-free, pay-as-you-go version; there are various types available with different carriers and plans.

With a WiFi mobile hot spot, your accountant will be able to work – or waste time looking at memes on the interwebs – anytime, anywhere. Available here.

15. Personalized Deluxe Maple CPA Gift Set

Executive CPA Gift Set Personalized

Here’s a safe, classic, elegant gift idea that any accountant can appreciate. Personalize it with their name, business name, or a special inscription, this solid maple wood desk set includes a handy magnifying glass, premium letter opener, and matching executive pen. A truly timeless gift idea. Available here.

16. Custom Engraved Letter Opener

CPA Gift: Personalized Letter Opener

I know it’s one of those cheesy office gifts, but I love my letter opener. I wouldn’t be sad at all if someone got me a good quality opener with my name on it so that everyone would know it’s mine and mine alone. Maybe I should have been an accountant…

This is the same letter opener as in the Deluxe Gift Set, shown above in #14, so go with that for the “premium” option or do just this for an affordable choice, or maybe for a stocking stuffer. Get the letter opener here.

17. Fighting Off the Babes Accountant T-Shirt

CPA Gift Ideas

“90% Of Being An Accountant Is Fighting Off The Babes.” This dorky accountant’s t-shirt is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Available here, and also here as a hoodie sweatshirt.


18. Laser Engraved Business Card Case

Business Card Case for Accountants

Accountants love to keep things neat and orderly. A personalized business card case is the perfect way to do both with their business cards, making it one of our most classic CPA gift ideas. This one is available in four colors and includes free customized laser engraving. Available here.

19. Accountant Fidget Toy

Gifts for CPAs - Fidget Toy

This little fidget toy cube features finger-sized activities on all six sides. The perfect gift idea for the wiggly, fidgety accountant or CPA to de-stress after working on your taxes. Available here.

20. Seasoned CPA Apron

CPA Gift for the BBQ Grillmaster

This grillmaster apron is the perfect gift for the lean, mean, CPA grilling machine. Only for the seasoned professional. Available here.

Some more BBQ gift ideas for the “seasoned” CPA:

21. Elegant Hourglass Timer

CPA Gift Ideas

An elegant hourglass timer will add a touch of sophistication to your accountant’s office desk, while providing them with an exacting timer. Surprisingly affordable; available here.


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Here’s an image to Pin to your CPA/accounting board to save these CPA gift ideas for later:

21 CPA Gift Ideas for Your Accountant

What are some of your favorite or most well-received accountant gifts? Comment below!

BONUS: Best Accountant in the Galaxy T-Shirt

Accountant Gift Ideas

You know they’re the best accountant in the galaxy. They know it. Make it official with the t-shirt. This is a great accountant-themed add-on if you’re giving them the Star Wars Complete Saga. T-shirt comes with your choice of “Best,” “Okayest,” and “Worst Accountant in the Galaxy” designs. Available here.

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