The 11 Best Oak Barrel Coffee Tables in the Universe

Premium Wine and Whiskey Barrel Coffee Tables and End Tables

Last Updated on July 29, 2020

“Really?” you say. “The ten best oak barrel coffee tables… in the universe?” “No,” we reply. “This listicle goes to eleven.”

“Fine, eleven,” you say. “But are these really the best barrel coffee tables in the entire universe?” Well, why don’t we take a gander at the options and you can decide for yourself.

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Best Oak Barrel Coffee Tables

The 11 Best Oak Barrel Coffee Tables in the Universe

The requirements for inclusion in our list are three. Each of these must be:

  1. A small-to-medium sized table (coffee table, end table, patio table, etc)
  2. Made from a whole or part of an oak barrel (half barrel, barrel head, etc)
  3. Awesome

There you have it. Here are the universe’s best oak barrel coffee tables.

1. Half-Barrel Coffee Table with Lift Top & Wine Storage

Premium oak barrel coffee table with lift off topAvailable here

This is an amazing premium handcrafted barrel coffee table. Made from half of an oak barrel (still on the stand, if you look closely!), the thick wood tabletop is extraordinarily sturdy and can be made from your choice of wood. The whole top is on lift-away hinges and you can store wine (or clutter…. let’s be real) in the open area below. A++!!!! Price: $$$

2. Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table with Wine Bottle Storage

Whiskey Barrel Coffee TablesAvailable here

This is a genuine work of art and The Mother of All Oak Barrel Coffee Tables. Made to order for you from a real barrel and includes several options. You can customize the storage inside for your own preferred setup; shown here with space for displaying wine bottles and keeping wine glasses handy. Price: $$$$

3. Personalized Oak Barrel Coffee Table

Custom Coffee Table Made From Wine BarrelAvailable here

This handcrafted and personalized oak barrel coffee table is made in the USA and customized with your name along the side. Opens to allow access to the interior, which can hold blankets, books, games, or a small collection of wine or whiskey. Price: $$$

4. Custom Engraved Quarter Barrel Head Coffee Table

Personalized Barrel Coffee TableAvailable here

The top “quarter” of a barrel makes the coffee table top. And – bonus! – it’s custom laser engraved! This one has a popular whiskey label design that is personalized with your name, state, year, and more. There are several other designs as well, including non-engraved options. Price: $$

5. Personalized Oak Barrel Head Coffee Table

Chateau Winery Art Personalized Barrel Coffee TableAvailable here

Here is one made from a 21″ round authentic oak barrel head. You can get it plain here, but the draw for this barrel coffee table is that it includes customized laser engraving across the top in several attractive designs. These include your name plus other customizations like year, city/state, and place name. View all designs herePrice: $$

6. Upcycled Barrel End Tables

Barrel End Tables / Coffee Tables Repurposed from Old Whiskey BarrelsAvailable here

These rustic end tables are repurposed and upcycled from old bourbon barrels. Each piece is designed for simplicity and handcrafted with integrity in the USA, and available in two heights and two finishes. Price: $$

7. Bourbon Barrel Lounge Table

Spacious oak barrel coffee tableAvailable here

This roguish Bourbon Barrel Lounge Table is an excellent piece of woodcraft that displays the original rustic charm of the barrels from which it is made. The tabletop is created from reclaimed and up-cyled bourbon barrel heads. This means that each oak barrel coffee table will often feature distillery markings with brand names and dates showing off the true history of the wood. Price: $$$

8. Barrel Head End Table with Wine Storage Staves

Wine Barrel End Table - Holds WineAvailable here

This lovely little wine decor end table is crafted using an oak barrel head for the table top and staves for the table legs. The entire piece is stabilized by more staves that create an elegant and lightly curved wine bottle storage shelf. Price: $$

9. Wine Barrel Bucket Table

Coffee Table Made From an Oak BarrelAvailable here

Here is a round half barrel coffee table with silver hoops and capped with a thick round glass top. The bucket style is a fun accent, it is custom made for you in the USA, and they will finish it with just about any finish you like. Fill it up with wine corks or anything else, and it will be visible through the glass tabletop. Price: $$

10. Indoor/Outdoor Barrel Side Table

Oak Barrel Coffee Table or End TableAvailable here

This outdoor/indoor wine barrel side table is made using French white oak wine barrels imported from France and Spain. Each table is handmade for you, sanded to a perfect white oak texture, stained in your choice of three colors and then coated with a wood-grade lacquer finish. Price: $$

Bonus: If you plan to use this outside, get the matching Adirondack chairs to create a complete barrel patio set.

11. Half-Barrel End Table

Coffee Tables Made From Oak BarrelsAvailable here

A spacious 30″ wood tabletop rests on this half-barrel table, and it is black on one side and mahogany wood on the other so you can change up your decor. With the rich dark finish, this is a rustic work of art to adorn your living room or home bar.

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Best Barrel Coffee Tables in the Universe

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