21 Pirate Bar Decor Ideas That Even Landlubbers Can Love

So you think yer pirate-themed home bar is worthy of the high seas, eh? For your sailor’s pub or pirate’s tavern to have that real feel of authenticity, here are the 21 must-have accessories for a pirate-themed home bar. Yo ho ho!

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21 Pirate Bar Decor Ideas

1. A real oak barrel to make your own rum

Make and age your own pirate's rum
Rum Barrel Kit for Pirate Themed Home Bar

Includes everything you need to make your own rum (except the alcohol of course). Available here.

2. A personalized oak barrel with a piratey theme

Personalized Pirate Barrel

Includes custom engraving of your name & est. year. Available here.

3. An old-world globe, for navigating… your wine collection

An old-world map that leads you to the best kind of treasure. Available here.

4. A legit Jolly Roger skull & crossbones flag

Run up your colors in a nice 3′ x 5′ size pirate flag. Essential pirate bar decor. Available here.

5. This ice chest made from a real barrel

Keeping your drinks cool the old-fashioned way. Available here.

6. Advertise in style with a personalized rum bar plaque

Pirate Themed Home Bar Plaques and Accessories

Old-fashioned wood plank sign, personalized in nautical style. Available here.

7. Vintage-style captain’s sign with hanging name plank

Personalized Pirate Signs

Your seafarin’ skills are on full display. Available here.

8. Scare off pretenders with this skull & crossbones wall display

Triple skulls for your pirate bar’s wall. Perfect if you’re wanting to spook up the place a bit. Available here.

9. An old barrel head engraved with pirate ships and your custom “label”

Pirate Barrel Head Sign - Personalized

Large 21″ plaque made in the USA from a real barrel head. Available here.

10. A very serious warning sign for your pirate bar’s entry

Beware ye who enter here. Available here.

11. Handcrafted wooden pirate flag sign with skull and crossed swords

Wooden Pirate Flag Sign

Made by hand in 3 dimensions and 3 sizes. Available here.

12. You’ll always stay on the right course with this nautical ship’s wheel

This way your pirate home bar can always steer clear of last call. Available here. One of our favorite pirate bar decor ideas.

13. This metal “Captain’s Quarters” sign for the pirate home bar that’s really a man cave

You’re the captain on this ship. Available here.

14. This custom engraved leather coaster six-pack will be put to good use

Personalized Pirate Coaster Set for Home Bar

Available here, and you can also get a matching oak aging barrel.

15. Use this sundial and compass to make sure your course stays true no matter how many shots you take (hopefully rum shots, but it could be musket shots depending on how things go down)

Working compass and sundial adds authenticity to your pirate bar. Available here.

16. Hand out your best spirits in the spirit of ol’ Blackbeard using this personalized barrel head serving tray

Pirate Home Bar Serving Tray Barrel Head

This “Blackbeard” pirate bar decor design is available on the serving tray, plus a lazy susan, wall decor sign, hip flask, and actual barrel. Available here.

17. This pirate’s tavern plaque looks like the top “quarter” of a barrel

Pirate Themed Home Bar Wall Decor

Hot Grub, Ale & Spirits, Hands Off Me Booty! Includes personalization. Available here.

18. You’ll always want to lay anchor in your pirate home bar, and this anchor wall decor piece proves it

OK it’s not very pirate of us to admit this, but this anchor is pretty dang cute. Available here.

19. When it’s time to visit the… erm, poop deck… this sign will show the way

Ah yes, the poop deck. Every pirate bar needs one. One of the must-have pirate bar decor ideas. Comes in many finishes. Available here.

20. This peg-legged pirate wants to be your personal home bar assistant

This guy puts his eye patch and pegged leg to good use. Available here.

21. This set of His & Hers stemless wine glasses will class up your pirate bar to the max

Delightfully seaworthy, these wine glasses are ready to be used on a nightly basis. Available here.

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Must-Have Accessories for a Pirate-Themed Home Bar

21B. BONUS: And finally, a great rum book for the pirate bar that will have you singing “yo ho ho!”

“And a Bottle of Rum… a history of the New World in ten cocktails.” What more could a pirate bar need? Available here.

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