Organic Wreaths for an Incredible Housewarming Gift

For under $100, you can ship one of these Oregon-grown organic floral wreaths anywhere in the county for a surprisingly artful and refreshingly stylish housewarming gift for a friend or family member:

Organic floral wreath

Organic floral wreath grown in Oregon

Organic Wreath for Fall

Mama Mia! Organic Floral Wreaths

Fragrant Organic Floral Wreaths

Organic floral wreaths grown in Oregon

…And we have many more organic, Oregon-grown, ethically harvested floral wreaths available, including seasonal Christmas wreaths, fragrant swags, bird-seed wreaths, and more. Pictured above:

  1. Pussy Willow Wreath
  2. Buttery Hydrangea Wreath
  3. Autumn Splendor Wreath
  4. Mama Mia! Chile and Oregano Wreath
  5. Ten Herb Fragrant Wreath
  6. Cinnamon & Basil Cedar Wreath