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These Handmade Engagement Rings Will Take Your Relationship to Eleven

Handmade engagement rings celebrate the unique love you share in a special way.

As you bend down on one knee to ask for your beloved’s hand, you want to offer a ring that expresses just how much value you place on your unique, intimate, and treasured relationship. You want something that will ensure that your relationship goes to the next step. You want to take it up to eleven. Read more

The Many Uses of Personalized Chalkboards

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Personalized chalkboards are a hip gift right now, and for good reason. There are tons of uses for chalkboards in general, and personalizing it just takes it up a notch. Read more

Bride & Groom Flask Set

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Pink Bridal Flask and Groom Tuxedo Flask Set

Set of two wedding flasks – a pink bridal dress flask complete with bouquet for the bride, and a black tuxedo flask for the groom. Personalized with the bride & groom’s names, along with the wedding date, this flask set is the perfect fun and handy wedding gift idea. Available from Significat.

Lucky Us Custom Keychain

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Wedding Date KeychainThis adorable keychain comes with two pennies monogrammed with a couple’s initials and special date (wedding date, first date, etc) along with a copper keychain fob which reads “Lucky us”. A great gift idea for your loved one this Christmas or on your anniversary!

Available from Angelorian Tradition, where you’ll find spades of cute phrases imprinted onto jewelry, serving spoons, guitar picks, and more metal stamped vintage flatware.


Wedding Unity Candles Alternative: The Sand Ceremony Kit

Unity candles have become a modern standard for wedding ceremonies, and for good reason. The symbolism is rich, with the two original candles combining to create something new, united, and beautiful, while retaining their original unique flame. But as with all things that become vastly popular, the original significance can be lost due to familiarity. If you’re looking for a wedding unity candles alternative that retains the symbolic richness, consider the Unity Sand Ceremony Shadow Box Set from Northwest Gifts.

Substitute for unity candles | Sand Ceremony Set


These sets are available in black or white, as pictured above, and includes the two vases and personalization. Sand is not included; choose sand or soil that has special significance to each of you, or use black and white sand as pictured.

Personalization for Unity Sand Shadowbox SetThe set is custom laser engraved with a single script initial along with two first names and the wedding date. This allows you to display the unity set afterwards in your home as a beautiful and personal keepsake from your wedding ceremony.

Unity Sand Ceremony Shadowbox SetSimply open the lid and pour in the sand, layered one after the other as in the photo above, or at the same time for the perfect mix. These Unity Sand Ceremony kits are a best-selling wedding ceremony idea for those seeking an alternative to the wedding unity candle tradition.

Fun Photo Idea

Fun Photography Prints and IdeasIf you’re looking for a neat gift idea involving a photograph, try this simple DIY portrait print idea from Kaydee Hughes Photography.

Pick an ideal photo, change the color to sepia (try FotoFlexer if you need a free online editor), cut a page out of a large old dictionary, insert into printer and viola! A unique and stylish print. Insert into a photo frame and you have a wonderful photo memory gift for a friend or family member!