Recycled Toys Made From Their Own Box

These fun and simple toy vehicles are packaged using the body of the fire truck, tractor, car, or locomotive, with the external pieces inside. Simply pull the wheels and other accessories out of the tube, attach to the box along with a few stickers, and viola! A toy perfect for those wonderful kids who always seem to enjoy the box more than the toy itself.

Recycled Toys | Tube Toys

Created by London designer Oscar Diaz, and using only 100% recycled materials, the only element discarded after assembly is the paper slip around the outside of the tube.

All the parts needed to build each vehicle are contained on a standard cardboard tube, which doubles as the packaging. The tubes have slots and holes to place the wheel axes and other components. A single stripe of paper displaying all the information necessaries for the shop (brand, product name/description and barcode) is the only bit that will be discarded after purchase.

-Oscar Diaz, Designer

What a fun and eco-friendly gift idea!