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Real Tools for Kids: A Gift Guide

I hope you consider giving real tools for kids as a creative non-toy gift. Kids love grown-up stuff, from dressing up to helping in the garage or kitchen to just plain ol’ sawing and hammering the tar out of your scrap wood.

Don’t mess around with fake plastic-y things (unless, of course, the child is a toddler or infant. In that case please do only get the fake plastic-y things. I am NOT recommending that you give a real saw to a toddler…. use your judgment!!), as those will never scratch the itch that a kid has to do REAL work.

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6 Practical Tips For Raising Kids Who Are Financially Grounded

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I just finished reading Ron Lieber’s book¬†The Opposite of Spoiled. Lieber is the personal finance columnist for The New York Times, and this highly-readable and helpful book is subtitled,¬†Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money. Read more

Crayola Colors Nail Polish

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Nail Polish Gift Ideas

A fun gift for a growing girl (or the kid at heart!)…. Crayola Nail Polish, available on Amazon. Eight vibrant colors, some of which include glitter.