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21 Excellent Gifts for the Impossible Man

In today’s article we’re going to take a look at 21 awesome and memorable gifts for the impossible man in your life.

Maybe he’s the guy who seemingly has everything, so he’s always hard to buy for. Or perhaps he’s just very particular about what he likes.

In any case, we’ve got you covered. Because no matter how impossible your loved one may be on the outside, you know he’s got a heart of gold on the inside, and you want to show him just how much you care.

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21 Creative Birthday Gifts for Men (That He Actually Wants)

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Creative birthday gifts for men (well, ones that they’ll actually want and enjoy) are notoriously difficult to find.

Why is that? All you want to do, after all, is show him how much you love and appreciate him by picking out that one perfect gift you just know he’s sure to enjoy.

Below, we’ve tried to make the annual birthday gift hunt easy for you with this list of 21 thoughtful and unique gifts for his special day.

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Best Gifts for Men

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Men are tough. Tough as in impossible, difficult, troublesome, confusing, enigmatic…. yet wonderful, delightful, and you really can’t live without us.

More to the point, we are tough in the sense of “it’s tough to find gifts for men.” I should know, my wife tells me this every Christmas and birthday.

And on our anniversary.

And Father’s Day.

Men don’t like to make wish lists or talk about what we want for a birthday gift or what have you. We think of ourselves as simple souls with simple needs. But the reality is that we can be confusing.

So this list of the best gifts for men is your go-to guide. In it, we’ll cover all types of gifts for men including birthday, Christmas, husband, boyfriend, unique, unusual, romantic gifts and more. Ever googled, “Gifts for the impossible man”? You know you have. Well, read on and you’ll find some great inspiration for your man.

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21 Unique Personalized Gifts for Him

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Guys are notoriously tough to shop for. That’s why unique personalized gifts are such a great idea – you can take something you know he likes, customize it with his name and/or a special message, and whamo! You have the gift of the year.

Here are some creative and different personalized gift ideas for him. For all the men in your life – fathers, sons, grandpas, uncles, brothers, boyfriends, husbands – these ideas will inspire you to customize a truly one-of-a-kind gift that will blow his mind.

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15 Great Gifts for Dad’s Shop

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Looking for gifts for Dad’s shop? Your dad likes to putter around in his shop or garage, either as the master fixer-upper or as a faux mechanic, so help him spruce up his work space this year with these fun and manly gift ideas.

1. Muscle Car Garage Neon Sign

Gift ideas for the garage/shop

It’s classic, it’s neon, it’s got the words “muscle” “car” and “garage”, it’s in a V-shape reminiscent of the V-8 engine in his muscle car. It’s the Muscle Car Garage Neon Sign, the ultimate decorative accent to your manly mechanic’s shop.

2. Personalized College Man Cave Sign

College Man Cave Signs Personalized

These officially licensed college man cave signs are best-selling gifts for Dad. Available in Man Cave, Fan Cave, Game Room, and Clock designs, complete with team logos and personalization on most. Teams includes the Alabama Crimson Tide, the 2011 and 2012 BCS National Champions, along with Clemson, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Nebraska, Tennessee, and more.

3. Fart Zone Sign

Gift ideas for Dad's shop

If it’s a shop, it is also by definition a Fart Zone. Better let all visitors know by this rustic yet fun Fart Zone Sign. Great gift idea for dad’s shop with a sense of humor.

4. Personalized Dad’s Garage Clock

Gift Ideas for Dad's SHop

Vintage meets custom with this Garage Clock Sign, a round wooden clock personalized in retro silkscreen lettering as another fun gift idea for Dad’s shop.

5. Auto Timing Gear Wall Clock

Gifts for Dad's Shop

This particular cog used to be critical in regulating the timing of an engine, and now it will do the same for your Dad’s man cave or shop. The gears in these unique garage Auto Timing Gear Clocks come primarily from American cars – you can even look up the part number to discover its origin – and the visual detailing of the gear will vary from clock to clock. Handmade in California for your dad.

6. Vintage Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Gifts for Dad's Shop: Bottle Opener

Does your dad like to pop open a cold one as he works in the shop? Try an authentic vintage cast iron wall mounted bottle opener. Available in several distressed colors.

7. VIntage Beer Cap Keeper

Gifts for Dad's Shop

This nifty vintage-style beer can cap keeper makes collecting caps fun with its trendy, faux-antique design. Slide your used beer caps into the slot in the back for easy storage, and remove any time you like by lifting the hinged tab on the underside. It won’t get dinged up laying around on the shelves of Dad’s shop!

8. Coca-Cola Vintage Ice Chest Cooler

Gifts for Dad's Shop

Vintage style meets practical use in the Coca-Cola Ice Chest Cooler. Help dad keep his drinks ice-cold with a retro 1950’s flair in this sleek cooler.

9. Craftworks Toolbox Garage Refrigerator

Craftworks Toolbox Garage Refrigerator

Now your dad can look like a mechanic brimming with tools, while actually being the chillax party animal. A terrific piece of deceptively useful shop decor, the Craftworks Toolbox Garage Refrigerator is the perfect Father’s Day gift.

10. Craftsman Adjustable Mechanics Seat

Gifts for Dad's Shop

A real mechanic needs a mechanic’s work stool. This beauty from Craftsman has it all: smooth rolling caster wheels, adjustible height, padded seat. The Adjustible Mechanic Seat will be the perfect gift idea for your dad’s shop.

11. Golf Gear Organizer Caddie

Golf storage for the garage

A golfing dad needs a great way to store his golf gear. This is where the Golf Gear Organizer Caddie saves the day – space for two golf bags, and five levels of shelving and cubbies to store cleats, hats, golf balls, and other accessories.

12. Ball Claw

Gift for Dad: Ball Claw

Help the sporty Dad keep his shop tidy and free from stray rolling balls with the Ball Claw. Wall mounted sports storage for basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, and volleyballs. The perfect garage or shop accessory gift.

13. Wrenchware

Gifts for Dad's Shop

The Mechanic Dad will love these tool flatware eating utinsels, which will help him to keep working in the shop while grabbing a bite to eat in style. Wrenchware come in a heavy-duty ABS storage box, much like all of your Pop’s other tools.

14. Bass Fish Keyper Key Rack

Keyper Bass Fish Key Holder

Help the fisherman Dad keep his keys hooked while in his shop with the Keyper, a cast metal Bass fish with six key hooks. Another great wall-mounted shop, garage, or man cave gift idea.

15. Biker’s Man Cave Sign Personalized

Gifts for Dad's Shop

Another wooden silkscreened Man Cave Sign, this bad boy is perfect for accenting the walls of the shop of Biker Dad. Personalize it with your dad’s name in classic low rider lettering. The sign reads, Biker’s Garage – Repairing – Rebuilding – Relaxing.