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100 Hilarious Quote Ideas for DIY Funny Birthday Cards

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You can spend five bucks on a pre-made card that is moderately funny, or you can make your own DIY funny birthday card that is actually hilarious. It’s up to you, but you can guess what we recommend.

Here are 100 hilarious quote ideas for DIY funny birthday cards. If you write it yourself, not only does it give the card that extra-special feel but they might actually think you came up with the quote on your own. We’ll let them think that, no need to spoil it, as you obviously need all the help you can get. Read more

Chronic Illness Memes for Those Fighting a Chronic Condition

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Chronic illness is a serious thing, but sometimes all you can do is give up and have a good laugh about it. Here are some chronic illness memes that pay homage to the experience of someone with an autoimmune disorder or other chronic condition.

Inspired by our own experience plus the research we put into our previous article, Gift Ideas for People with Chronic Illness. Read more

Just Plain Funny: Better Make Sure

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This is just plain funny. Read more

21 Hilarious Gift Card Ideas

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You never know when you’ll need a quick DIY gift card with a sense of humor. Here are 21 hilarious gift card ideas we’ve found, for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Day, and more. Enjoy! Read more

Adorable Snake & Mouse Knitting Pattern

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Snake & Mouse DIYHow hilariously adorable is this? Downloadable knitting pattern for Sleepy Snake & Mischievous Mouse. Predator and prey both wear a toupee! Knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, I-cord, mattress stitch. Pattern available from Mochimochi Land.


Passive Aggressive Coffee Mug

Mug with Plug


Great gift idea for a coffee drinker with a devious sense of humor – the “Plug Mug”. If someone keeps steal- er, uh, “borrowing” your coffee mug, just hang on to the plug and they won’t be able to use it anymore. Find it at Spinning Hat.

Humor for Parents

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Funny parenting memeJust had to post this.


15 Fun & Clean Success Kid Memes

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Just for fun, and just because it’s Monday, here are 15 hilarious (and clean) Success Kid memes. Enjoy.

Success Kid Memes

Funny Success Kid Memes

Success Kid Memes Funny

Still Got Dessert Meme

Funny Success Kid Memes

Funny and Clean Success Kid Meme

15 Funny and Clean Success Kid Memes

Mom took my nose got it back

Clean family friendly success kid memes

15 clean and funny success kid memes

Family Friendly Success Kid Memes

15 Clean Success Baby Memes

Clean Success Kid Memes

15 Funny and Clean Memes

Success Kid Memes

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Gift Idea for Sleepyhead: Alarm Clock That Runs Away

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Alarm Clock Gift Idea for Sleepyhead


  • Persistent, mobile alarm clock; droid-like clock hops off nightstand, runs amok, and beeps to get the user out of bed
  • Travels on 2 wheels; digital display with backlight for night viewing
  • 1-time snooze function with 0 to 9 minute duration; wheels on/off button

Get it here in Red, Aqua, Black, or White.

Gun Handle Mug

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Cool Coffee Mug Gifts


Nerdy but hardcore, perfect for the prankster, coffee lover, geek, or anyone with a wicked sense of humor. This coffee mug holds 8 oz of liquid and 6 rounds of… just joshing! Check it out here.