Chronic Illness Memes for Those Fighting a Chronic Condition

Autoimmune disorder humor

Chronic illness is a serious thing, but sometimes all you can do is give up and have a good laugh about it. Here are some chronic illness memes that pay homage to the experience of someone with an autoimmune disorder or other chronic condition.

Inspired by our own experience plus the research we put into our previous article, Gift Ideas for People with Chronic Illness. Continue reading

Hunting Humor

Here in the Pacific Northwest, hunting is kind of a big deal. When hunting season is over, the avid hunter needs a something to serve as a distraction until the next season begins. What better distraction than a little hunting humor to adorn the walls of his hunting lodge, den, or man cave?

Update: Most of the items on this page have been discontinued, so we’ve taken down the links. But the signs are still pretty funny 🙂

Hunting Humor


Hunting Humor Funny Quotes


Funny Hunting Quotes and Gifts


Funny Hunting Signs


Funny Hunting Signs


Wall Decor Humor for Hunters


Lastly, a hunting plaque with a poignant quote, perfect for the loving couple who have supported each other through many endeavors:

Hunting Wall Decor