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Tag: food

Why a vacuum sealer may in fact be the greatest gift idea ever

As you hunt for the best gift ideas for people you love, a food vacuum sealer – a shrink-wrapping kitchen accessory machine that sucks air out and seals your food in plastic – is hardly the first thing that springs to mind.

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Avacado Salt & Pepper Shakers

Ceramic Salt & Pepper ShakersCute salt and pepper shaker, cast in ceramic from a real avacado. Shaped like a half of an avacado, with two separate pieces: the avacado half and the seed. A cute accessory for your kitchen or table top, and a great gift idea for an avacado connoisseur. Available at Supermarket.


Easy Egg Dish

3 steps, 3 ingredients, 15 minutes for a delicious egg dish. So simple and delicious I just had to share… of course, speaking of sharing, I’m a big fan of sharing meals with friends, and this would be an easy recipe to make and deliver to someone who just had a baby, or surgery, or just because!

1. Place meat into greased cupcake pan (I used one slice of turkey lunch meat with one small round of Canadian Bacon).

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2.  Drop an egg into each cup, maybe sprinkle a little basil and salt over it.

Add eggs, seasonings

3. Bake for 10-12 minutes at 375 degrees. Viola!

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