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17 Must-Have Kitchen Accessories That Are Brilliant Gift Ideas

Most people enjoy cooking to some extent. Some love it with a passion while others try to avoid it at all costs, but most of us like to cook at least a few special dishes.

If you’re shopping for a creative yet useful gift idea, you can’t go wrong with these must-have kitchen accessories. Aspiring chefs will love every piece. Broke college students and young newlyweds will appreciate the convenience and money-saving potential of a good-quality kitchen accessory. And your spouse of many years will be thrilled to finally get that one thing they’ve always wanted but never got around to buying for themselves.

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End Grain Cutting Boards: The Perfect Gift for the Aspiring Chef

If you know someone who loves to cook, a unique and wonderful gift idea for a chef is a high-quality chopping block.
The majority of wood cutting boards you can buy today are edge or face grain design, meaning you are looking at the wood grain along its length (direction of growth). With end grain boards, you are looking into the end of the grain, as if you are looking down into the top of a tree stump.

Cutting Boards End Grain

End Grain Cutting Boards

Both designs are just as functional and food safe, but end grain boards are far more durable and friendlier to your knife. The old-fashioned butcher blocks were always end grain design for a reason: to keep the knives much sharper. Instead of crushing against the wood fibers, the blade goes between them much like cutting into the end of a firm brush.
In a face grain board, think of wood fiber much like hair, as you cut across you break the fiber and those fibers start to pop up from the board surface. With proper care, a face grain board will last many years, but an end grain board will last a life time. That’s why these cutting boards make the perfect high-quality gift for a chef.