21 History Buff Gift Ideas, By A History Geek

By a History Geek

I’ll admit it – I’m a history geek. And these history buff gift ideas are exciting to me.

Note I don’t say I’m a history buff, because I forget at least half of what I read. But I’m happy to confess that I really enjoy history, whether it’s reading a biography that could double as a paperweight, watching a costume dramas set in a bygone era, or playing a history trivia game. So I think I might have an inside scoop on some great gift ideas for history enthusiasts if you’re in need of a few suggestions. Continue reading

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Spiritual, Kinda Spiritual, and Not-So-Spiritual

If you’re looking for gift ideas for Father’s Day, here’s a little help, prompted by theologian Carl Trueman, social bookmarking utility StumbleUpon, and gift site Northwest Gifts.

Ranked in order of spiritual edification:

1. Spiritual: Gospel Meditations for Men by Chris Anderson and Joe Tyrpak

Daily Devotional for Father's Day GiftChurchWorksMedia.com is pleased to introduce Gospel Meditations for Men, the counterpart  to Gospel Meditations for Women, which has sold over 9000 since it was published in 2010. Authored by Chris Anderson and Joe Tyrpak, the booklet includes 31 devotional articles that explain the gospel and apply it to the everyday lives of singles, husbands, and fathers. GM4M’s expositions and applications will be a great help to men, families, and churches. You can view a sample PDF (including the final cover) here and place your order here.

2. Kinda Spiritual: Pouring Light Lamp by Yeongwoo Kim

Father's Day Gift Cool LampWith the motive of giving off “an emotional flow of light”, the lights linger on with a mesmerizing effect thanks to the use of phosphorescence in the “water” part.

An amazingly cool lamp that will provide light to help Dad read his Gospel Meditations book.


3. Not-So-Spiritual But Still Cool: Man Cave Signs from Northwest Gifts

OKMan Cave Plaque - Personalized, so maybe these aren’t spiritual at all but what can better put a grin on Dad’s face than a Man Cave sign personalized with his name on it? Made from real wood in the USA, these plaques are our bestselling gift item for Father’s Day and Christmas. To further entice, here’s a 10% off coupon code for all our Man Cave Signs and Plaques, valid until Father’s Day 2011.