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Should I bring a gift to a funeral? Memorial Gift Etiquette Explained

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This one is kind of a downer, but it’s a question that, sadly, gets asked quite a bit. Should I bring a gift to a funeral or memorial service? What is the gift-giving etiquette for when you see or visit a family after a loved one has passed away? Here is all the memorial gift etiquette explained for funerals and memorial services. Read more

Backyard Bird Feeder Gifts

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Backyard Bird Feeder: A Gift for the Whole Neighborhood

Like some of you, birds were one of my first gateways into nature. I’d sit for hours in the window seat, watching them snatch insects off the ground, pull seed from the bird feeder and sing songs to each other in the branches of near by trees. Bird watching is a wonderful pass time and a bird feeder in the backyard is a gift for all ages that is always available, no matter what your Read more

Personalized Bird Feeder

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Custom Engraved Wood Bird FeederA neat gift idea for a gardener, or just about anybody who likes to watch birds fluttering about outside their windows (which is everybody, right?). The acrylic front panel is laser engraved with whatever you want – name, company logo or design (must be b&w), poem, Bible verse, quote, etc. Engraving is included in the price. Made from Cedar wood, this bird feeder is a unique Christmas gift idea for this holiday season!

Available from Northwest Gifts. Only $29.95, including personalization and your first bag of bird seed.

Oh yeah, and please find the Northwest Gifts Facebook page here or in the sidebar and become a fan! Thanks!