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10 Budget-Friendly “Just Because” Gifts

Sometimes you just feel like giving. It’s a great feeling, giving a gift for no reason other than to show that you care. Here are 10 creative “just because” gift ideas, none of which will break the bank.

Whether it’s your bestie, a co-worker, your spouse, or a good friend, these fun gifts are a sure winner and won’t set you back much more than a Benjamin.

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DIY Gift Guide for Simple, Nifty Christmas Gifts

Each year when Christmas season rolls around, we’ve found our list of families and individuals to whom we want to give Christmas gifts growing by several notches. This is a happy thing, because our extended family is growing as new spouses, significant others, and children are added, and new friends are being made. We love it!

But this expanded Christmas gift list does make affordable gift shopping a daunting task. One easy way to handle the task is Read more