50 Relaxing Self-Care Gifts [Focus, Feast & Fun]

Whether you just came off the crazy train of the holiday season, you’re neck-deep at work, recently made a big move in your life or, heck, it’s a normal Tuesday! We think you’ve earned a li’l sumthin’-sumthin’. Ya know? Like some self-care gifts, for instance.

Having some nice presents to give to the one and only YOU is a must. It’s not spoiling yourself, it’s not extreme, it’s nothing to be weirded out by— it’s simply taking care of your own skin suit and skeleton. That way you can walk through this life being the stellar human being you always have been. 

So, scroll on for some great ideas to get you going!

Best Self-Care Gifts

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1. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are all the rage for a reason (or three)! They give you some much needed and much appreciated coziness, soothing your ruffled feathers, calming your stressed out thoughts, and they are proven to help you catch some zzzs. 

This one checks all those boxes, so it’s a no-brainer if you’ve been thinking about trying one out for yourself. 

2. Stop Overthinking

Just a little reminder for those of us (*raises hand*) who can’t accept the easiest way to get anywhere when it comes to our thoughts! Nope, we have to reroute back to ‘92 when we did that thing that was so embarrassing and we just know everyone still remembers and oh hey, remember that other thing…! 

If this is you too, this little book is a real gem. It gives you umpteen (okay, 23) techniques to stop wandering through gray matter and dwell on more important things. 

3. Eye Massager

If you’re feeling twitchy over that situation at work, the state of politics, the world we live in, your teenagers — this eye massager is here to rescue you! We can feel the calming and soothing heat and hear the bluetooth music from here… Ahh. 

4. Self Care Checklist

Santa isn’t the only one who makes lists and checks them twice! This great self-care checklist will keep you on track each day with the things that you KNOW make your life smoother and less chaotic. 

Whether you fill it up with walking the dog, praying, reading, cooking, or whatever floats your relaxation boat — it’s all up to you! 

5. Worry for Nothing Journal

Take steps today to improve your mental health! The title alone has us grinning because it’s so true. Worry does nothing to improve your life or make you feel happier or more fulfilled. 

Filled with prompts and exercises, this little journal might actually change your life. An exaggeration? We think not!

6. Noise Canceling Headphones

Block out the pesky day to day noise of life along with the hustle and bustle with a great pair of noise canceling headphones. You can totally zen out over your favorite podcasts, music or audio books, and wait for your stress to melt away.

Here are some options to try: 

7. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy has a fan base for all the right reasons: it lifts our moods, calms us down, and fills our homes or offices with a pleasing and soothing scent. We love this cute diffuser that brings to mind the beauty of nature and all of its healing properties. 

8. Deep Breathing Mindfulness Pendant

When it comes to deep breathing and mindfulness, sometimes we need a daily reminder. We often need something that is touchable, too. This beautiful pendant does those things, all while looking gorgeous at the same time! Why not treat yourself to this lovely gift? You’ll be glad you did. 

9. Affirmators! Affirmation Cards

Comedian Suzi Barrett created these adorable cards and we salute her! Filled with funny and oh-so true affirmations, you’ll be giggling and smiling at each card. What a fun gift for yourself! 

10. Slip Silk Pillowcase

This mulberry silk pillowcase does way more than you might think it could! Silk is great for both your skin (smoothes out those wrinkles) and your hair, too (especially for us curly girls). You’ll love drifting off to the Land of Nod each and every night when you have a set of these soft and silky pillowcases.

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11. Meditation Pillow

Made of 100% biodegradable jute, this meditation pillow is just the right size! The gentle cream color blends in with any decor, and the plumpness of the pillow is just right. You’ll love settling down on the floor to practice your mediation, prayers, or stretching when you have this pretty pillow. 

12. Who Are You Self-Discovery Cards

We spend so much time on others, helping them discover their true and authentic selves, that sometimes we lose our own sense of discovery! These great cards are great for answering with friends and family — but they’re also wonderful for reading and answering by yourself. 

Get to know who you really are, rediscover what you really love, and come out refreshed and energized. 

13. Mindfulness Dice

Take charge of your own mindfulness and your own mental health with this amazing set of dice! With each roll, you’ll challenge yourself (in a good way, not an intimidating way) to make today the best day it can possibly be. 

14. The Mindfulness Journal

Journaling is so helpful to ease your stress, connect your thoughts, work through what is bothering you, and cancel out the noise of the world around you. 

This great mindfulness journal does all those things and more! With considerate prompts and creamy pages, ideas and quotes, you’ll want to write in it every day. One of our favorite self-care gifts!

15. Mini Mindful Moments Candles

Light these sweet little candles each evening, then take the time to turn off your phone and TV, settle in with your thoughts, and reflect. These wee beeswax candles smell delightful and will bring you back to a simpler time. 

16. Forest Bathing

Never heard of forest bathing? Well, we have a treat in store for you then! This ancient practice brings nature and specifically trees to the front and center. There is a reason why people who hike, camp, and hug trees are categorically happier! 

17. Meditation Tuning Necklace

What is the “Love Frequency,” you may ask? Well, it’s the 528hz frequency which this groundbreaking necklace will provide! Easy to use anywhere and anytime, this flute necklace will calm and ground you when you need it most. 

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18. Chocolate Subscription

If you’re a chocoholic, stop fighting it already. Good, high-quality chocolate is nothing to be ashamed of. This yummy and decadent chocolate subscription will bring you utmost joy and delight each and every time it arrives. Just go for it!

19. Copper Cow Coffee

Ahhhh, the elixir of the gods! Or something along those lines. Coffee isn’t just a treat or a self-care indulgence — we’re here to say it’s a total necessity! This yummy brew from Copper Cow coffee might just rock your world. Put that supermarket blend back on the shelf, and reach for this instead. You’ll be so glad you did!

20. Snacks From Around the World

Feeling peckish? These delicious treats and snacks from around the world will help you out with that! No one wants a hangry mama, coworker, or friend. Keep those pesky hunger pains at bay with a fun box of totally delectable munchies. 

21. Literary Themed Tea

I don’t even LIKE tea, but somehow when I’m eyeball deep in a good classic bit of literature, I simply crave a cuppa! These adorable teas are not just your average Lipton — no way. 

They taste as good as they look and are as delightful as they smell. And why not light a literary candle to go along with your reading and sipping? These are some of our best self-care gifts for book lovers.

22. Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

There’s nothing like baking to soothe the nerves and calm the mind (and tummy!). And when you’re done you get to eat the rewarding results. Maybe you’ll share, maybe you won’t… we won’t tell. This yummy recipe will fill your belly with cookies and your house with the scent of chocolate chips, butter, and sugar. 

23. Monthly Candy Subscription

If your sweet tooth knows no bounds, this monthly candy subscription box is just the ticket! You’ll love trying new candies and finding old ones from your childhood. A little treat that will make you smile each and every month. 

24. Ice Cream Delivery

It’s a go-to for a reason: ice cold and creamy, filled with nuts and fruits — or however you like it — ice cream can’t be beat. Treat yourself to ice cream that tastes as amazing as it sounds — and it comes right to your door!

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25. Vacation Packages

Memories and adventures don’t just plan themselves, you know! Take yourself on a much deserved and much needed vacation. 

Whether you go big and plan a couple of years in advance, or simply pack up for the weekend somewhere — it’s important to see new cultures and experience new things. You definitely won’t regret this one!

26. Mask + Chill

This mask kit will have you looking fresh and feeling renewed each and every time you choose one! Your face will be glowing with health and vitality, and the few minutes you spend soaking it in is time well spent. 

27. Maybe Swearing Will Help Coloring Book

I mean, it can’t hurt, right? This funny coloring book will make you laugh, but will also help you relax and unwind after a long, hard day! Pair it with some great markers or colored pencils and Bob’s your uncle!

28. 100 Things to Do for Your Wellbeing

Like the classic question, “what do you want to do today?” practicing your own wellbeing and mindfulness takes some direction! This great self-care poster will take the guesswork out of taking care of yourself and your mental health. 

29. Practice Your Hobby

Get back to what you love doing with UDEMY. Learn something brand new, or freshen your skills with your favorite hobby! Make it a point to do what you love, whatever that is!

30. Mental Health Illustrated Activity Cards

Shuffle the deck and take care of yourself, all at once! These pretty cards aren’t just your average Joes. They’re perfectly designed to help you deal with whatever emotions you are currently experiencing, and help guide you to journal and draw those emotions out. 

31. DIY Art Therapy: How to Paint for Self-Care

Painting is a time honored way to relax and get your mind and thoughts off of the stresses of everyday life. You don’t have to be an expert either! Everyone (even Michelangelo) started somewhere. Along with this video, here are some tools to help get you started:

Self-Care Gifts for Moms

32. Flowers Every Month

It’s easy to lose yourself as a mom. So much to do, so little time for yourself! Having flowers delivered and sitting front and center on the kitchen table or nightstand does so much to help lift your mood. If flowers and nature are your love language, this flower subscription will mean so much. 

33. Gel Nail Polish Kit

Feeling pretty when you have spit-up on your shirt, you didn’t have time to shower, or those maternity pants are still being worn six months postpartum — well, that can be tough! 

Having your nails looking beautiful and trendy is a real mood lifter! And gel polishes dry in a flash, meaning if Baby wakes up early from his nap, you still won’t smudge. 

34. Deep Tissue Body Massager

Get those kinks and knots out with a great deep tissue body massager like this one! Moms are always doing the heavy lifting — quite literally — so taking care of her/your body is important. Don’t miss this step when it comes to self-care. 

35. Time to Relax Gift Set

This rose scented gift set is like a spa in your bathroom! The flower scent will fill your tub and your senses as you submerge yourself in total pampering. 

Even if all you take is thirty minutes (or you stay in until you’re prune-y and the water is cold), this set will transport you to a paradise in your own tub.

36. Comfortable, Silk Clothes

Staying in? Going out? It doesn’t matter, because you’ll feel like a million bucks in comfortable silk or cashmere clothing! You feel better when you’re comfortable and when you look good, so these delightful and beautiful options will do wonders for your mental health. 

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Self-Care Gifts for New Moms

37. Giving Heart Weighted Pillow

It really does feel like a hug… This sweet giving heart weighted pillow will be perfect for snuggling up to, and it’s really wonderful after a C-section. The only thing cuter is that new baby!

38. Feet Massagers

When you’re a new mama, your dogs are barking! This amazing massager has heat and vibration, making it perfect for that last month of pregnancy when your feet are swollen and exhausted, or right after delivery. What a great gift for the new mom or for yourself.

39. Here for You Care Package

Build your gift, or let them do it for you. This Here for You care package isn’t your normal, ordinary gift box. No, it’s something special! No generic, run of the mill, items will be included. Instead, it’s thoughtful, well meaning self care delivered right to your door. 

40. Just Breath Eucalyptus Spa Set

Just breathe…This eucalyptus spa set is a joy for the senses. All the senses! Breathe in the calming and energizing scents, as you take care of your body and mind. Can you be calm and energized at the same time? Mmm, yeah. We think so.

41. Hair Masks & Treatments

Easy to slip inside your pocket or purse, these worry stones are soothing to rub and hold. For the tactile person they are a must-have! Think about what is bothering you, rub the stone, and give it up to God or Mother Nature. 

43. Shower Steamers

You don’t have to spend a lot to feel like a million bucks! These energizing, scented shower steamers are an easy way to take some time out for yourself. They transform your ho-hum, everyday shower experience into something that will be the best part of your whole day!

44. 5-4-3-2-1 Sticker

What’s this little sticker for exactly? It reminds you to take in 5 things you see, 4 things you feel, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste! 

These things help ground you in the present moment each and every day. Put it somewhere you can see it on the daily!

45. Cold Face Reusable Face Mask

Feeling puffy? Hot and bothered? Annoyed? Stressed? Do you have a face? If you answered yes to any of these then you need this cold face reusable face mask! Take care of your beautiful face — you deserve it. 

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46. Mini Zen Gardens

Put this mini zen garden on your office desk, on your nightstand, or at your kitchen table and use it to soothe and center yourself as needed. It’s a cute and sweet little addition that will stand in as a work of art, a piece of nature, and a much needed break.

47. Little Reminders Coasters

These cute coasters aren’t just functional, they’re useful for your mental well-being as well! No water rings, AND a reminder to take it easy? How can you not love it? A great gift for a friend or for yourself. 

48. Organic Relaxing Teas

Breathe in the soothing scents, take a sip, and transport yourself into a world that isn’t so busy and hectic! These organic teas are so relaxing you’ll find yourself slipping some into your diaper bag, purse, or suitcase so you can enjoy them wherever and whenever. 

49. Mood Cards

Daily habits that are actually good for you? Yes, please! These moon cards are just the thing for keeping in your bag, in your glove compartment to ward off road rage, or on your coffee table for all to use and enjoy.

50. Pocket Hug

With or without the keychain (but it’s so cute — how can you resist?) this pocket hug is an easy and inexpensive way to show you care. Adorable and simple, it’s a minimalist’s dream. 

Such a lovely little reminder when life gets you down or gets too busy, you can simply slow your pace and feel the love.

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