Some good and sarcastic coffee mugs are perfectly appropriate gifts for use around the office. Or not. Your clients will definitely get a kick out of the fun messages on these mugs. But they will probably be offended, so maybe you shouldn’t use them. But if it makes your boss laugh, then it will all be worth it. Unless your boss fires you, that wouldn’t be so nice.

In any event, you should totally get a couple of these sarcastic mugs for you and your co-workers to keep around the office coffee station! Actually we totally don’t recommend these if it will get you in trouble! Please proceed at your own risk!

 1. Know when the time is right.

Because work doesn’t start until at least 3/4 of the way through a cup of joe. Available here.

2. Things I love about my job…

1) The chair spins. 2) That’s about it. Available here.

3. I’m not the boss, but probably should be.

Don’t cry just because you don’t know what I know. Available here.

4. Tell us how you really feel about meetings.

I survived another meeting that should have been an email. Or a text. Or a tweet. Available here.

5. Have a great day!!!

You turd. Available here.

6. When they just won’t shut up…

… and you give them that look… then you take a big gulp of coffee… and they finally get the picture…. then it’s all worth it. Available here.

7. I need my fix

After all, it’s still legal in all 50 states. Available here.

8. Oops I don’t care

You act like it’s my job or something. Available here.

9. People skills are not what I am lacking.

Let’s just work on getting fewer idiots in this here department. Available here.

10. Show some company pride.

This is how it’s done, son. Available here.

11. Just….

Nopeitty nope nope nopers. Not today. Maybe never. Available here.

12. This is how you get back to basics.

Down to the very elements of life, indeed. Available here.

13. Permission denied.

Just because I work in IT doesn’t mean I work in IT. Available here.

14. Just telling it like it is.

Speaking of, I think it’s time for a break. Coffee break, bathroom break, with any luck I won’t have to work at all today. Available here.

15. The most important meal of the day

Next to pretty much all the other ones. Available here.

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