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At, we sell quite a few custom laser engraved plaques for honoring an individual’s accomplishments, often given in the event of retirement.

But we’ve also found that most recipients prefer a retirement gift that can be put to use in some way, which is why our Personalized Keepsake Box is our #1 retirement gift.

Laser Engraved Retirement Keepsake Box

The keepsake box is USA-made from solid walnut wood, and includes laser etching on the glass lid (many companies, schools, or associations will engrave their logo here), which also has the option of placing a photograph or card stock behind the glass.

Additionally, we can include a name plate attached to the front of the box with the recipient’s name and other pertinent info.

But if you’re still convinced that a classic plaque is best, try one of these:

Custom Retirement Plaque
Maple Wood Plaque Retirement Gift

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