Never Have I Ever – Printable Gift Exchange Game


These easy-to-read gift exchange printable are perfect for any holiday gift exchange party! Easy to print at home or at your favorite printing service. Digital file only.


Enjoy this exciting game of Never Have I Ever Gift Exchange with this printable game template! This fun game is perfect for any family or large group this holiday season!

To Play:

  • Place gifts in a pile in the middle of the room, then everyone stands in a circle and each person grabs a random gift and places it on the ground at their feet.
  • The first person grabs a “never have I ever” paper slip from the bag/bowl/hat and reads it out loud.
  • Anyone who HAS done that item then has to switch places with someone else (can’t be the immediate person to the left or right of them) while leaving the gift on the ground.
  • If multiple people are moving, it’s whoever gets to the empty spot behind the gift first, if it’s just one person moving they have to pick someone to switch spots with them
  • The person who just read the statement then opens whatever gift is on the floor at their feet then places it back down on the ground.
  • The person to the left then grabs a new paper slip, reads it out loud and the whole thing starts over again!
  • When all the gifts are opened, whatever is at your feet is your gift!

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Features include:

  • Easy-to-read, red and green theme for a jolly feel
  • One 8.5″x11″ download
  • Instant download

To Print & Prepare:

  • Open 8.5″x11″ PDF File
  • Print at home or take to local print shop
  • Template is set up to be printed on one side of a Letter Paper or Letter Cardstock
  • Cut statements into strips then place into favorite bowl, bag, or hat