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These cute little office gifts will provide a whale-load of fun. Helping you keep things light in the office since the days of Herman Melville, whales have been a desk jockey’s constant companion throughout the history of cubicles. Here are some ideas for office gifts, and the stories behind them that enrich all our lives:¬†

1. Wood Whale Desktop Caddy

Little office helper

In the early 1400s, a sailor (Seaman First Class) who aspired to someday work his way up to Navigator dropped his rather large pencil into the Mediterranean¬†Sea. He considered it lost until a giant whale swam up to the side of the ship, let out a blast from his blowhole, and, with the marksmanship of Robin Hood, shot the pencil right back into the sailor’s hand. Pencils have been stored in wooden whale desktop caddy blowholes ever since.

2. Whale Paperweight

Whale Office Helpers

There are rumors that the paperweights were invented by the Grecian hero Hercules. The story goes that while Hercules was waiting in line at the Mount Olympus Outdoor DMV, a strong southeast wind kept blowing away the required forms. Rather than redo the paperwork, the half-man half-god ran down the form, grabbed a whale from a nearby ocean, and kept the papers from blowing away by setting the whale on top of them.

3. Vintage Brass Whale Tape Dispenser

Whale Desk Accessories

The sticky substance from the back of Scotch tape was originally made from whale blubber. So it is natural that a tradition developed of tape dispensers in the shape of a whale.

4. Whale Bookends

Whale Desk Accessories

The Biblical book of Jonah was the longest-running #1 title of the ancient New Ninevah Times Bestseller list. It went through 47 editions in the first few years, and the publishers kept each one, fittingly, between bookends shaped like a giant fish (which may or may not have been a whale).

5. Whale Stapler

Office Gifts: Whale Stapler

The whale stapler needs no introduction. Every child has seen the resemblence of staplers to whales – the physical shape, the “sharp teeth” etc. Some say that early prototypes of the stapler were designed by sailors looking for new ways to launch harpoons, but this is unsubstantiated. However, the connection persists through the shape of modern stapler design.

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