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Monster Storage for Kids

Monster Storage PlushMon-stors are one-of-a-kind storage solutions in the form of monsters, made by Lu and Ed, an eco-friendly indie biz. What do Mon-stors do? Hang Mon-stors & use them to hold toys, laundry, or even in the car over a headrest for storage on road trips – whatever you can think of!

Pictured above is Posker (Update: Posker has been adopted, but there are more available!). According to the product description:

Posker was pleasantly surprised the first time he ate a teddy bear – they quickly became his new favorite snack! Posker would love to be adopted into a home with a kid that has lots and lots of teddy bears to ‘eat’!

This is a full grown Mon-stor, measuring almost 2 feet tall and 18 inches wide! He can hold an entire load of laundry and lots of toys! Feed Mon-stors laundry, toys and more – they love to help clean up the floor!

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Monster plush toys, like the one pictured below, are also available:

Monster Plush Toy Christmas Gifts

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