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So you’ve decided to make your dream home bar a reality. You’ve created your own style from an assortment of ideas: rustic home bar accents, prohibition-era industrial accessories, a touch of contemporary glamour.

These have come together nicely into a cohesive whole. But now you need something that simply you. Some accent, accessory, or home bar decor art that gives your home bar a name. Whether it’s your family surname, you and your significant other’s names, or your someday-dream-winery/brewery/pub/restaurant name, here are some ideas to help you personalize the perfect home bar.

Scroll through our gallery of ideas here, and see descriptions below:

Personalized Barware

Personalized barware is a great touch for any home bar. If you lean towards wine, try a set of White Wine Glasses engraved with a bold, elegant initial. If you’re more the craft brew type, customized beer can-shaped glasses may be more up your alley, paired with a 64 ounce Personalized Beer Growler.

Old fashioned home bars serving mixed drinks will win many friends with a set of Personalized Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, Margarita Glasses, or classic all-purpose Etched Drinking Glasses.

And don’t forget a Personalized Beer Sampler Paddle for the festive tavern-style home bar, or the His & Hers Pilsners for more intimate relaxation with your loved one.

Personalized Home Bar Wall Decor

Every bar needs a name. To add authenticity to your home bar, find a home bar sign that can be personalized and that fits with your decor scheme.

For the home bar pub:

For the home wine bar:

For the vintage-style home bar:

Oak barrel signs:

Personalized Home Bar Accessories

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