Gift options for sports fans are almost virtually limitless. Not only are there oodles of collectible knick-knacks with team logos on them, and not only are there jerseys for every player past and present (not to mention posters, pennants, t-shirts, and cards), and not only is there an inexhaustible supply of sports equipment and accessories, there is a place called Ebay boasting millions of collectible artifacts from autographed home run balls to chinsey team tins. So how, especially with the 2010 World Series approaching, do you pick a gift for a baseball-loving sports fan?

Gift Ideas for Baseball Fans

The following series of basic questions should help you narrow down your search:

  1. What does he already have?
  2. Does he want more of it? If yes, this means you can get him something similar to what he already has, but that fills some sort of void in his collection / wardrobe / gear / etc. If no, go on:
  3. What doesn’t he have?
  4. Why doesn’t he have that? Maybe he doesn’t have that great big awesome flatscreen because he’s afraid of spending too much on himself, or maybe he never gets tickets to games because he doesn’t think you’d like to go, or maybe he doesn’t have one of these awesome man cave signs for his game-viewing room because he’s never thought about it before. In any case, if you can identify something that is similar in style but different in substance, you know you’re on the right track. For instance, if he collects baseballs and you’ve given him autographed balls several times, you can get him this finely-made home-plate-shaped baseball collector’s display. Similar in style, but different in substance.

So here are some ideas to get you started:


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