Gift for a Fireman

Looking for the perfect (and unique) fireman gift? How about an old-fashioned hanging wall plaque with customized nameboard! Perfect for haning in the firehouse, this nifty plaque includes a 3-dimensional hand cast and hand painted relief of an antique fire fighting wagon, firefighter quotes, and a hanging nameboard personalized with the fire fighter’s name!

Fire Fighter Gift Sign

Sign reads:
Fires Quenched – Maidens Rescued
Calamities Dealt With
Ask about my “Famous Fireman Stew.”

Also, don’t forget about the volunteers:

Volunteer Fireman Gift | Volunteer Fireman Sign | Volunteer Fireman Plaque
$89.95  Fireman Volunteer Sign Personalized

The perfect office gift for a volunteer fire fighter or fireman, an old-fashioned hanging wall plaque with customized nameboard. Includes a 3-dimensional hand cast and hand painted relief of a Volunteer Fire Department badge.

Office Gifts for Doctors

Office Gifts for Doctors

At Northwest Gifts, we are now offering a wide variety of customized wall decor signs that highlight a friend or co-worker’s profession. For those in the medical field, we have nameboard plaques made from furniture-grade wood in the old-school style of “put up a sign and you’re in business,” for physicians, anesthesiologists, radiologists, chiropractors, druggists or pharmacists, and many more. These make a great and memorable office gift at $89.95.

Check out a sampling below of our medical office gift signs:

Physician Sign | Doctor Sign | Physician Gift | Doctor Gift
Radiologist Sign | Radiologist Plaque | Radiologist Gift
Orthopaedic Surgeon Gift | Orthopaedic Surgeon Sign | Custom Nameboard
Osteopath Sign | Osteopath Gift | Osteopath Office Plaque
Gynecologist Sign | Gynecologist Gift | Office Decor
Nurse Practitioner Sign | Nurse Practitioner Plaque | Nurse Practitioner Gift
Chiropractor Gift | Chiropractor Sign | Office Decor
Cardiologist Gift | Cardiologist Sign | Office Decor
Cardiologist Gift | Cardiologist Sign | Office Decor
We have custom signs for many more professions as well – artist, plumber, fireman, dentist, excavator, chef, counselor, funeral director, farmer, etc. Check out our complete selection of custom office gift signs!