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CRNA Gifts: The 11 Best Gifts for a Nurse Anesthetist

These CRNA gifts are perfect for the graduation or retirement of the nurse anesthetist in your life. We also feature plenty of fun and creative “just because” gifts, unique gifts for Christmas and birthdays, and affordable personalized gifts that you can give to your entire medical staff.

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11 Retirement Gifts for Coworkers for $25 or So

These retirement gifts for coworkers won’t set you back much more than a Benjamin or two. We’ve scoured the web for the best coworker retirement gift ideas, and have a wide assortment of classy, funny, personalized, sentimental, and meaningful gifts.

Each of these gift ideas honor a longtime employee or coworker in a way that is workplace-appropriate and tasteful.

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21 Architect Gift Ideas To Make Your Stylobate Proud

The best architect gift ideas are dynamic, conceptual, modular, ergonomic. These are the types of gifts that provide a sustainable pastiche of genius loci, a sensibility imbued with post-industrial materiality with parametric fenestration.

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15 Pharmacist Gift Ideas with ZERO Side Effects

These pharmacist gift ideas come with a long list of positive reviews and absolutely zero side effects. That’s the kind of gift you want to give to a beloved pharmacy professional in your life. Read more

These sarcastic coffee mugs will either make your clients smile or get you fired.

Some¬†good and sarcastic coffee mugs are perfectly appropriate gifts for use around the office. Or not. Your clients will definitely get a kick out of the fun messages on these mugs. But they will probably be offended, so maybe you shouldn’t use them. But if it makes your boss laugh, then it will all be worth it. Unless your boss fires you, that wouldn’t be so nice. Read more

The Ultimate Executive Golf Gift Putter Set, in 4 Personalized Designs

Here is the ultimate Executive Golf Gift Putter Set, a lovely heirloom rosewood gift box that includes a collapsible putter and automatic ball return target. Read more

Office Gifts: Whale Desk Accessories & Myths

These cute little office gifts will provide a whale-load of fun. Helping you keep things light in the office since the days of Herman Melville, whales have been a desk jockey’s constant companion throughout the history of cubicles. Read more

Cool Coolers: Lunch Bags with Swag

Brown baggin’ it at work today? You need a taste from some of these cool coolers. Here’s a collection of nifty lunch bags to add some swag to your workday. Read more

Leaf Door Stopper

Green tree leaf stopper

Door Stopper Leaf ShapedAn earthy and practical way to keep the doors in your home in place with these Leaf Door Stoppers. Available in green (for summer/spring!) and orange (for fall/winter!) from Trunk of Junk.