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Category: Golf Gifts

Golfers love gifts. Doesn’t everybody? Here are some fun, unique, and creative gift ideas for golfers.

We especially love golf ball collectors and those who have nailed the elusive hole in one shot. Plenty of inspiration for the next Christmas after a hole in one here!

13 Best Golf Ball Displays for a Single Collectible Golf Ball

If you have a single collectible golf ball, chances are you want it displayed because A) you hit a hole in one, or B) it’s a signed or tournament-used ball from a golf professional and it deserves a special place apart from all the rest.

In either case, you don’t want it to go in with your regular golf ball collection. You want something unique, perhaps something customized, just for this ball. Read more

10 Best Golf Ball Displays for Collectible Golf Balls

We’ve been keeping tabs on the best golf ball displays for collectible golf balls. There aren’t quite as many options today as there were 15-20 years ago, but the ones that are still around are much more readily available and established in their niche. Here, we provide an overview of the top ten best golf ball displays for golf ball collectors and enthusiasts. Read more

What to do with a Hole in One golf ball

Whether you’re preparing for the day when you get your coveted hole in one or you just got back from the links having accomplished the rare feat, here’s what to do with a hole in one golf ball. Read more

18 Classic Golf Gifts

We love us some classic golf gifts. Read more

Hole in One Display with Golfer Crest

Golf Crest Hole in One DisplayOur newest addition to our line of Hole in One displays. This classy hole in one plaque display features a stylish black frame, green felt, a country-club-style embroidered golfer crest, as well as a spot for your hole in one ball, a glass covered frame for your scorecard, and a distinguished laser engraved plaque insert, which showcases all the details of your hole in one. Get it here for only $59.95!


Golf Plaques for Someone Who Hit A Hole in One, Or Wants To

A wall decor plaque for someone who knocked a hole in one, as a fun excuse to tell the story once again:

Hole in One wall decor

And, if the hole in one is still in the future, here’s the appropriate plaque:

Golf sign hole in one

Lastly, here is a classy (read: more serious) plaque embroidered with name, date, and golf course, to showcase a hole in one ball and scorecard:

Hole in One Ball and Scorecard Plaque

Hole in One Award Poll

We sell a surprising amount of hole-in-one awards and displays at Northwest Gifts. Two are far and away the most popular, and people choose these particular displays for a variety of reasons: they like the shape, want a scorecard displayed, like embroidery, like displaying the ball in a certain way, like the price, and so on.

But I’m curious as to which of the three listed below you would choose, regardless of price, should you every knock down a hole-in-one. Check out the descriptions and then cast your vote at the bottom!

1. Hole in One Award #1

Prize for Hole in One | Golf Ball DisplayShaped like the numbers of strokes a hole in one takes (or maybe just showing everybody else that you’re #1?!), this wood trophy holds the prize ball and has the details of the shot engraved onto the surface: Name, date, golf course the hole-in-one was hit at, hole number, club used, and yardage of the shot.

This uniquely-shaped hole in one display is made from real wood and comes in Oak or Rosewood finish. A beautiful product with custom engraving makes this ball holder a great celebratory gift for someone who’s shot an amazing hole in one!

2. Hole in One Plaque Personalized

Hole in One Ball Display FrameThis personalized Hole-in-One display is a perfect way to show off an incredible accomplishment. It securely hugs the prize hole-in-one golf ball with its soft inner foam core and also provides a place to exhibit the scorecard with that little #1. Name, date and course name is embroidered by hand onto the green felt face.

The glass protected scorecard opening is readily accessible from the front and will easily accommodate a scorecard measuring up to 5 1/2” x 13”. The hole in one frame is made of 100% solid oak and comes with heavy-duty saw tooth wall mount hangers, ready to hang. Choose from three finish colors; honey, cherry and dark.

3. My Incredible Hole in One Plaque

Woodcut Memento for Hole in OneA large wood plaque, sandcarved in a spectacular and unique sandblasting technique that results in an outline of a golfer smacking the hole-in-one ball and the words, “My Incredible Hole in One” emblazoned across the top, along with decorative accents. In relief is a green coloring highlighting the background, and centered is an engraved plaque personalized with the information pertinent to the shot.

The engraved golfer image is available as a male or female golfer, making this a great golf gift award for anyone who’s hit the elusive hole in one. With room to show off the scorecard from the memorable round and the golf ball from the memorable shot, this is an intricate gift to commemorate a hole in one.

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