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Foodie Gifts: The 21 Best Birthday, Kitchen, & Food Gifts

Food, glorious food! Who doesn’t love it? It’s not just the taste of food, although, that is great. Food brings people together. There is something so meaningful about spending time with those you love, and enjoying a meal or a coffee together.

If you are looking for unique gift ideas for that foodie or chef in your life look no further. Coming from a fellow food lover, I hope this list will give you some great ideas for foodie gifts that they will truly savor.

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18 Vegan Gifts for the Herbivore in Your Life

Once a trendy way to jump start a diet, and now a lifestyle for so many, we know that there’s at least one vegan in your social circle. What to get someone who – let’s face it – can be a liiiiitle choosy and particular?

I’ve only “gone vegan” a couple of times, for a month or two here and there, and when I have, I’ve been so grateful to live in the here and now.

There are so many options … which is great. But, there are so many options … which is overwhelming.

I kid you not, I decided to eat vegan right after I had already grocery shopped for my carnivorous family. Thank goodness for freezer space.

Then back to the store I went, where I wandered around the nut milks and cashew cheeses and bok choy like I knew what I was doing (I did not). It was a fun adventure, and while most of the family went back to regular meals after a few weeks, there’s always at least one vegan in my house at any given time.

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21 Beer Connoisseur Gift Ideas

For the beer enthusiast in your life, you need some top-notch beer connoisseur gift ideas that will stand out and make a lasting impression. Well, we’ve got you covered! From personalized vintage wall decor to custom growlers, bottle openers to beer books, here are some of the greatest beer connoisseur gift ideas from around the web. Read more

3 Personalized Grilling Gift Sets

With both Father’s Day and the summer BBQ season just around the corner, here are a few barbeque accessory gift boxes which any grillmaster would love. Each of these personalized grilling gift sets includes Read more

Cool Coolers: Lunch Bags with Swag

Brown baggin’ it at work today? You need a taste from some of these cool coolers. Here’s a collection of nifty lunch bags to add some swag to your workday. Read more

I Could Eat A Horse Spaghetti Measure

Spaghetti MeasureFrom the Reykjavik Corner Store, this attractively cute and fun kitchen accessory for measuring spaghetti portions. Easily measure child, adult, and “I could eat a horse!” family portions.

SunnySide Egg Shaper

Sunny Side Up EggMake your kids’ faces shine like the sun with the SunnySide Egg Shaper! An innovative design: just pour the egg into the circle – the egg-yolk stays in it’s ring and the white flows out to fill the rest of the silicon cast. Available from Monkey Business.

SunnySide Egg Shaper


Chalkboard Mug

Chalkboard tea mugDrink your tea and write a poem using your lovely little chalkboard mug. You can write names, drink names, fun quotes, and more onto these cute coffee/tea mugs because they come with a chalkboard finish. Available from  BubbleandMimi on Etsy.


Ctrl + Alt + Del Mug Set

Geek Coffee MugsGeek out with these fun coffee mugs, which are shaped like computer keys with the letters for Ctrl + Alt + Del on the bottom. This mug set comes in your choice of black or white and includes a circuit tray. Ideal for a nerdy Christmas gift or just to help warm you up with a hot drink during the wintery months.

Available from Deals Froggy.


Bagpipe Scotch Brewing Barrel Personalized

Oak Brewing Barrel Laser EngravedThe Bagpipe Scotch Barrel Personalized is a real oak wood brewing barrel which includes the stand, bung, and spigot for devoloping your homemade Scotch or other brew. The barrel head features our Bagpipe Scotch laser etched design, which is personalized with your name, brewery established date, and brewery name. Available in an assortment of sizes, starting at 1 liter for $59.95. Perfect for the DIY home brewer.

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