Gifts for Boys

We have plenty of gifts for boys, organized by age. Our selections are made carefully, many chosen by kids and then curated by our team, so you’ll be sure to find something that boys will adore.

For every age, we pick a broad range of gift ideas for boys that will match every budget, interest, and occasion. The toys we feature must have some sort of creative play element. We try to stay away from trendy, gadget-based ideas and lean more towards things that can be used outdoors, for inside imaginative play, learning (but don’t seem like boring, disappointing ‘educational’ toys), and character building.

Some of our favorite gifts for boys are classics that will never steer you wrong. Lego sets. The timeless Tonka truck. Astronaut gear. Radio Flyer wagons. Binoculars (real ones). Model rocket kits. All these are true winners for the under-10 crowd.

For those getting a little older, how about video games? Just kidding! That would be a huge cop out. While we might include a virtual reality headset or maybe some wireless headphones (we’re not anti-technology or anything), we believe that most kids will remember and appreciate the gifts that help them create, get outdoors, experience the world, and show them the joy and value of work.*

* “Work? Seriously?” you may be thinking. Yes. My son loves video games and would play them all day. But his best days are when he’s digging a huge hole in our backyard. Or capturing bugs, or building a tree fort. Or taking apart an old toy with electric components and seeing if he can use the parts to make the light go on or the voice box activate. Work that you love will never really feel like work. The best gift we ever gave him (probably) was a trip to a gem mining creek facility, where we spent all day sluicing ankle-deep in the creek for rocks.

So find a gift for a special boy in your life that he’ll love – and actually use! Browse our curated gift guides to find special and creative gift ideas perfect for stoking boys’ imaginations.

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