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Firefighter Gifts: Retirement, Thank-You, Fire Station Decor & More

There are many reasons and occasions to give a gift to a firefighter. The type of gift that suits the situation will depend on the occasion and your relationship to the firefighter.

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21 Classic, Creepy Thriller Films That Are (Mostly) Family-Friendly

My favorite thriller films from the “classic movie” vaults. These are all at least slightly creepy and for the most part family-friendly. At least, they’re about as family-friendly as a film about murder can be.

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21 Personalized Home Bar Accents for $200 or Less

For the complete home bar experience, you’ll want some customized decor accents. Here are 21 personalized home bar accents that are unique and substantial but won’t break the bank. Read more

Digital Gift Guide: How To Give Ebooks, Movies, & Music

If you are looking for a Digital Gift Guide on how to give movies, music, audiobooks, ebooks, subscriptions, and more, this is everything you need to know. We’ll show you how to order and present a quality digital gift.

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Plum Deluxe Review for “Tea of the Month” Subscription Box

Welcome to the All Gifts Considered Plum Deluxe Review! We are taking a close look at their “Tea of the Month” subscription box plus a few extra flavors. Our verdict is that if you are looking for a unique gift idea for a tea connoisseur, the Tea Club from Plum Deluxe is a great choice. Let’s see why. Read more

Theology T-Shirts with Obscure Biblical References & Theological Terms

For the budding theologian and Bible scholar to the tried and tested veteran pastor, niche theology t-shirts just might be one of your better gift ideas. Read more

10 Best Puritan T-Shirts for People Who Love Reformed Theology

Looking for the best Puritan t-shirts on the interwebs? Seek and ye shall find! Click and the… uh… well, we don’t want to take it too far, now, do we? If you want the best Puritan shirts for people who love Reformed theology, Jesus Christ, and the God of the Scriptures, check these out. Read more

6 Practical Tips For Raising Kids Who Are Financially Grounded

I just finished reading Ron Lieber’s book The Opposite of Spoiled. Lieber is the personal finance columnist for The New York Times, and this highly-readable and helpful book is subtitled, Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money. Read more

21 Motorcycle Gift Ideas for Bikers

Whether you or someone you know enjoy riding motorcycles, are part of a biker club, or even own a motorcycle shop, here is a list of fun motorcycle gift ideas for bikers. Next to riding free with the wind in their hair (or a new bike), this list is your guide to the best motorcycle gifts around. Read more

The 21 Worst Gift Ideas Ever. DO NOT READ

These are, without a doubt, the 21 worst gift ideas ever. They’re so bad that you probably should stop reading right now. Just go away.

We have to do this sort of thing. Because we’re All Gifts Considered, we have to consider not only the best gift ideas, but also the worst. Those terrible, lousy, outrageously stupid gifts that somehow still end up being gifted.

But you, dear reader, you do not have to consider all gifts, so you are free to leave. Read more