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Home distilling has always been popular, but now there is a wealth of supplies, accessories, and even personalized equipment available to anyone who would like to age some whiskey or other spirits. Our line of oak barrels and decor items have been extraordinarily fashionable for gift giving, especially for Christmas, birthdays, Father’s Day, and weddings. Even if the recipient never whips up their own batch of barrel-aged liquor, these custom engraved oak barrels are great for home bar, kitchen, wine cellar, or man cave decor.

Here are our 5 most popular designs for custom engraved oak barrels:

1. Whiskey Distillery Barrel Personalized

Personalized Oak Aging Barrel

Each of our barrels includes the wood stand, bung, spigot, and charred interior for the classic oak flavor imbued by the aging process.The Whiskey Distillery Barrel Personalized design reads:

{your name’s}
Premium Barrel Aged
{your distillery name}
City, State
Est. {year}

2. Scotch Whiskey Barrel Personalized

Scotch Whiskey Barrel PersonalizedNot only does each barrel include all the accessories you’ll need to age liquor, you can choose the style of hoops as well. The black steel hoops are pictured on most of our barrels, but we also offer stainless steel hoops (a bright silver color) and brass hoops (these run out of stock quickly, so please call for availability). The Scotch Whiskey Barrel Personalized design reads:

{first name, last name}
Scotch Whiskey
Barrel aged in {city, state}

3. Custom Vineyards Barrel

Popular Custom Engraved Oak BarrelsThis is one of our most popular wine-themed products; we also carry a variety of gift items for wine enthusiasts including our #1 bestselling Laser Engraved Corkscrew Bottle Opener, and great selection of custom wine glasses. The Custom Vineyards Barrel design reads:

{your name}
Est. {year}

4. Distillery II Oak Barrel Personalized

Custom Oak Barrels

This “Distillery II” design is modeled after old-school stencil whiskey labels, and is available on a variety of other barrel decor products: Quarter Barrel Signs, Barrel Head Signs, Serving Trays, and our unique Barrel Head Lazy Susans. The Distillery II Oak Barrel Personalized reads:

{your name’s}
{spirit type}
Est. {year}

5. Rye Whiskey Barrel Personalized

Custom Engraved Oak Barrels

A classy label design for the rye whiskey home distiller. Did you know that you can get our oak barrels in “natural” raw wood style, or with a gloss finish? Either way, your whiskey will taste great. The Rye Whiskey Barrel Personalized reads:

{your name}
Pure Rye Whiskey
Barrel Aged
{distillery name}
Est. {year}

More Custom Engraved Oak Barrels

We have many more designs, styles, and barrel products available at our online store. Shop around, and feel free to contact us with any questions!

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