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For the beer enthusiast in your life, you need some top-notch beer connoisseur gift ideas that will stand out and make a lasting impression. Well, we’ve got you covered! From personalized vintage wall decor to custom growlers, bottle openers to beer books, here are some of the greatest beer connoisseur gift ideas from around the web.

21 Beer Connoisseur Gift Ideas

1. Your Choice of Beer

Give Your Choice of Beer

You may think that the last thing the beer connoisseur wants is more beer, but it’s patently not so. People who love beer just love beer.

A friend of mine runs a growler fill shop and he’s constantly trying new brews and trading out taps. He mentioned that he loves getting beer as a gift because it’s something that he didn’t pick, but was chosen for him. So don’t be afraid to buy beer as a gift for the beer connoisseur – take a bit of care to pick out something good, and they’ll love it!

2. Vintage Beer Connoisseur Plaque

Beer Connoisseur Gift Ideas

What could be a better gift for a beer connoisseur than a custom and vintage plaque that says they’re exactly that?! Made in the USA, custom silkscreened, with awesome personalized hanging nameboard. You can even get multiple nameboards and put all the family, roommates, co-workers, or simply list your favorite brews. Available here.

We offer a full line of these vintage plaques for all kinds of professions, from airplane pilots to accountants and everything in between. Beer, bourbon, rum, whiskey, and wine connoisseur as well. Check them all out here!

3. Beer of the Week Plaque

Chalkboard Beer of the Week Sign

This round “beer of the week” plaque is personalized with a custom name across the top and includes a chalkboard for your beer-loving friend to list this week’s selection of craft beer. Available here.

4. Extra Stout Beer Quarter Barrel Sign

Extra Stout Beer Connoisseur Gift Idea

The perfect premium gift for the connoisseur of extra stout beer, this designer home bar plaque is crafted in the USA to look like a real barrel head. Complete with oak staves around the sides and a steel hoop plus colorful lettering and a 3-dimensional beer mug applique. Includes personalization, comes ready to hang. Available here.

Check out our complete Quarter Barrel Signs collection for more beer connoisseur gift ideas!

5. Personalized Home Bar Sign

21 Beer Connoisseur Gift Ideas

This classic home bar plaque has been one of our most popular man cave gifts for years. An enduring vintage design on a timeless shape, this home bar sign is personalized, made in the USA, and advertises good times and great friends. Cheers! Available here.

6. Beer Socks

Beer Connoisseur Gift Ideas

These beer socks are the perfect way to keep warm while downing a cold one. Available here.

7. Beer Mitt

Gift Ideas for the Beer Connoisseur

Another fun warming device, these beer mitts come in a variety of styles and colors so that anyone can enjoy a cold craft brew at any time of the year. Available here.

8. Custom Engraved Sampler Flight Set with Chalkboard

Beer Connoisseur Gift Idea: Flight with Chalkboard

This nifty sampler flight set includes custom engraving so you can personalize the glasses with initials or spell a word. The chalkboard will tell you what’s on tap, and you can also fill it with notes on how it tastes. Available here.

9. Personalized Growler

Beer Gifts

Every beer connoisseur needs a growler so they can enjoy their favorite brews on tap. This one holds a solid 64 ounces and includes personalization. Available here.

10. Personalized Growler Cooler & Case

Personalized Beer Gift Ideas

Keep those growler fills cool and safe with a custom embroidered cooler and case. Available here.

11. Rustic 6-Pack Carrying Case with Bottle Opener

Beer Gifts - Rustic 6 Pack Case

Or maybe go old-school with a tradish 6-pack, fitted into this rustic carrying case complete with bottle opener and custom engraved initial. Available here.

12. Personalized 6-Pack Beer Travel Cooler

Travel Cooler for 6-Pack

Travel in custom style while keeping your beer cool and drink-ready with this personalized 6-pack travel cooler. Available here.

13. Beer Quote Pilsners

Beer Connoisseur Gift Ideas: Pilsners

Just chillin’. Cold beer here. Beer me. This beer’s for you. Laser etched 20 ounce pilsner glasses in a set of four. Available here.

14. Personalized Beer Can Glasses

Beer Gift Ideas - Custom Engraved Beer Can Glasses

Glassware shaped like a beer can with custom engraving in a “craft brew” logo design. Available here.

15. Personalized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Custom engraved with the initial of your choice, this wall-mounted beer cap popper is perfect for any beer connoisseur’s home bar. Available here.

16. Fish-Shaped Bottle Opener

Beer Connoisseur Gifts

This heavy-duty yet stylish metal bottle opener is shaped like a bass fish, the ideal gift for anyone whose two true loves are beer and fishing. Available the following styles:

17. Buy Beer Refrigerator Magnet

Beer Connoisseur Gift Ideas

If you don’t get the beer enthusiast something to go in the fridge, better get them something to go onthe fridge. Like this reversible magnet that says “Buy Beer” on one side, and “There is Beer” on the other. (Note that the two options are not mutually exclusive.) Available here.

18. How Beer Saved the World

Beer Connoisseur Gift Ideas: Beer DVD

This documentary from the Discovery Channel is about beer, and it’s a must-see. This documentary DVD tells the amazing story of how beer helped create maths, poetry, Pyramids, modern medicine, labor laws and America. Available here.

19. Beer Books

Beer Gift Ideas: Books

Some beer connoisseurs love to read about beer. From guides to making and tasting beer to fun histories and children’s book parodies, here is our “Top Ten” list of the best beer books for gifting:

20. Homebrew Beer Making Kit

Beer Gift Ideas

A homebrew beer making kit is an amazing beer connoisseur gift idea. Available here.

21. Whiskey Aging Barrel

Personalized Oak Barrel

Wait, what? Whiskey? In a list of beer connoisseur gift ideas? Yup… hear me out. Barrel-aged stouts and porters are a huge deal in the dark beer world. So a great beer gift for the DIY homebrewer type could be a whiskey barrel so that they can infuse their favorite brews with that special barrel-aged flavor. Available here.

Check out all our personalized oak aging barrels here!

Beer Connoisseur Gift Ideas

Honorable Mentions

Here are some items that either didn’t quite make the list, or are heavily featured on other similar lists. Our goal was to help you find truly unique beer connoisseur gift ideas, and the most unique gifts for beer lovers are reflected above. But if none of those quite fit your ideal, here is some further inspiration for your gift giving:

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