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Crazy socks. Here are 10 of the best.

Settlers of Catan SockSettlers of Catan

The neuvo classic German boardgame that all your hipster friends are playing, can now be worn on your feet. You’ll be wondering how you could have ever scored the Longest Road Card without them.

croc-socksCorc’s eat’n my feets

There are a number of variations of this sock out there, This one was by far my favorite. Though I couldn’t find the actual product that is pictured here you can’t get similar ones here, here, and here. Actually that last link is actually them 😉

converse-socksKnee High Converse Socks

I bet ol’ Chuck Taylor never saw these coming – these knee highs are a thing of beauty, Swanky knee high converse socks. lace’m up all the way to your knees.

cross-bone-socksSome Hot Cross Bones Socks

A classic patterned sock with a hint of morbid whimsy. The skull and cross bones socks are available in a number of different color patterns.

Bleeping_SocksThe Sensors Got to These First

When you’re sporting these socks, you’re making a statement – we don’t need to know exactly what you’re saying, but we know for dang sure you’re saying what’s on your mind, even though it’s been censored.

college-ruled-socksAre these College Ruled?

Make a firm stand in the nerd kingdom with these college ruled knee high socks. They’d make a great back to school gift, or maybe a gift for a professor or teacher.

spock-socksA Logical Choice, Spocks for Your Feets

They aren’t socks, they’re spocks. Meant for space… the final frontier.

fighter-pilot-socksThe Socks of The Great Generation

Harkening back to the era of single prop fighter planes, swing dancing and Rosie the Riveter. These fighter plane inspired socks would put a smile on any pilots face.

skeleton_socksA Skeletal Choice

They aren’t creepy, they’re anatomical socks for the medically savvy. A complete skeletal diagram from the knee down, these will keep you from getting you tibia and fibula mixed up.

pony-toe-socksMy Little Poney Toes

Some of us never grow up, and these Rainbow Dash pony toe socks are perfect for that kid ( or kid in you).

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