10 Classic Board Games

Simply put, classic board games are classic gift ideas. If you’re giving one gift for an entire family, board games are the way to go.

They’re also great for young families just starting out on their own, because many people grow up with these games in their homes but don’t have their own version to continue their traditions with spouse and little ones.

Thus, to assist you in your gift hunting this holiday season, here is our gift guide to 10 classic board games.

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1. Monopoly

Any list will have to begin with the iconic board game Monopoly. Developed in the 1920s to teach tax principles and the negative effects of a monopoly, the game took on a life of its own within American culture and has been a staple in homes for decades.

2. Scrabble

Word nerds play Words With Friends and other similar app games now, but nothing surpasses sitting around a table, flipping over the tiles, and actually picking up and placing your letter tiles by hand, challenging words played by consulting a dictionary, and spending time face to face with your family and friends. Scrabble is without a doubt an all-time classic board game.

3. Clue

Originally devised as an indoor diversion during the Nazi bombings in England during WWII, the ultimate mystery board game has spawned dozens of spinoffs, updated versions, a feature film starring Tim Curry, and an instantly recognizable phraseology: “Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick!”

The updated versions can be fun, but may or may not bear repeated playing. (The Harry Potter and Big Bang Theory versions are highly rated variants.) If a particular theme isn’t important to you, go with the classic board game: Clue.

4. The Game of Life

Also known simply as Life, this classic board game has a long history dating back to the 1800s.

The game simulates life, taking you through a path that involves choosing college, marriage, having children, getting a career, and aiming for a wealthy retirement. A fun and relatively simple board game for the whole family.

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5. Sorry

Sorry! You try to get your pieces to Home, but there’s always an opponent ready to steal your spot…. Sorry!

A classic board game since its inception in 1934, Sorry is a  wonderful family game for all ages which combines luck, strategy, and determination for a fun game night.

6. Battleship

Battleship is classic two-player guessing game, using strategy and luck to find and sink your opponent’s battleships, aircraft carriers, and submarines before they sink yours.

Fun for the whole family in tournament style, and will keep kids occupied for hours. A must-have classic board game.

7. Risk

Practice world domination at your family’s dining room table with the military strategy classic board game Risk

The goal of the game is to conquer territories, increasing your army’s size while protecting your territories. This game can run long, but it’s worth it!!

8. Candyland

Candyland, the fun-filled land of sweets and colors. Billed as “A child’s first game,” it is a simple board game in which each player turns over a card and proceeds to the next square of that color.

Easy enough for young kids to have a blast, this classic board game is still treasured by generations long grown.

9. Rummikub

It’s hard to find family games that are fun and challenging for both kids and adults, but Rummikub is a winner for all.

Similar to rummy games, this tile game is won by collecting runs and and sets of numbers and colors. A fun family game night is in store for anyone with this classic board game!

10. Twister

The large, colorful, polka-dotted mat technically qualifies as a board, so we’re rounding off our collection of 10 Classic Board Games with an all-time party and family favorite: Twister.

The spinner dictates which hand or foot to move to a specific color, and it is up to each player to move the appropriate hand or foot to the color dot without toppling over. A true classic for every family.

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