Interesting factoid for your next cocktail party: the word “Ampersand” is a modification of the phrase “And per se And”. In ye olden days, children reciting the alphabet would recite any letter which could also be a word (namely, A and I) as “A per se A”, meaning “A by itself” Similarly, the “and” symbol (“&”) was recited as “And per se And” then later shortened to simply “ampersand”.

The latin for “and” isĀ et, and the letters e and t were occasionally written together in what is known as a ligature. Below you can see how the two letters could easily become the symbol we use today (shown below we have the “e” and “t” letters in Sofia font, with the & in Trebuchet).

Latin ET

But the pertinent point is that an ampersand looks cool as a piece of typography art, and there are many fun and decorative typography gift ideas out there utilizing this fun and meaningul symbol. Thus, All Gifts Considered brings to you, for your consideration, The Ampersand.

1. Ampersand Sweater

A simple yet luxuriant winter necessity made from an ultra-soft triblend of fleece.

Typography sweater with Ampersand &

2. Ampersand Vintage Print

Put this up on your wall “&” you will look authentically vintage.

retro ampersand art

3. Ampersand Wood Art

Premium wood ornately carved into the classic symbol.

Premium typography decor

4. Ampersand Ring

And wonderful way to tell your gal “you & me forever.”

You and Me Ampersand Ring

5. Ampersand Personalized Plaque

Custom engraved for the day you became &.

Ampersand Personalized Plaque

6. Ampersand Marquee Lights

Retro awesomeness brought into your living room.

Vintage marquee lights

7. Ampersand Floral Tank Top

The floral pattern makes this a winning summer tank.

Ampersand Floral Tank Top

8. Ampersand Pillow

& you will snuggle with this pillow every time you spot it waiting patiently on your couch.

Fun vintage pillow

9. Ampersand Bottle Opener

So when you party everyone can say, “And another…”

Ampersand Accessories

10. Ampersand Eye Chart

How many different fonts can you recognize in this typography art?

Eye Chart Print

& that’s all for this weeks spectacular Ampersand gift idea finds… go forth & gift freely!

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