100 Things You Can Make While Watching TV

Be productive during Chill & Netflix

Here is a big, inspirational list of things you can make while watching TV. Turn Netflix & chill into something productive by using your crafting or hands-on skills or turn the sports game commercial breaks into an opportunity to get your body toned and flexible. You can use these as gifts for family and friends, to sell at a craft fair, to start an Etsy shop, donate to a homeless shelter, or launch your own small business! Continue reading

DIY Mason Jar & Reclaimed Wood Decor

Vintage style mason jar vases

Upcycled Wood & Mason JarsBeautiful upcycled DIY project made from an old reclaimed piece of wood and a few Mason jars. Simply affix a few band fastener clamps to the board and fasten them around the top lip of a glass jar and you have created for yourself a simple and delightful addition to your wall decor, useful for decorating with flowers, garden vegetable and herb starters, or utensil storage.

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