100 Things You Can Make While Watching TV

Be productive during Chill & Netflix

Here is a big, inspirational list of things you can make while watching TV. Turn Netflix & chill into something productive by using your crafting or hands-on skills or turn the sports game commercial breaks into an opportunity to get your body toned and flexible. You can use these as gifts for family and friends, to sell at a craft fair, to start an Etsy shop, donate to a homeless shelter, or launch your own small business! Continue reading

Lacy Crochet Shorts

Cute Lace Crocheted Shorts

Cute Lace Crocheted ShortsCheck out these cute crocheted shorts from Basiques Boutique. The waistband is designed to make these shorts “always wearable, forever pairable” with their cotton crochet plus mercerized lining. Available in beige or black.

From the shop owner:

I started my online store because I’ve always had an eye for things. I receive many questions and compliments when I dress up by friends, family or even strangers. Many people even suggested for me to open up my own store! Which is great! So I did. I get my products from different vendors, I make sure that they’re in good shape and quality.

Be sure to check out the entire store here.

Crocheted Shorts