Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions that Children Love

Christmas Traditions That Children Love

We love Christmas so much at our house. All the traditions, all the decorations, all the presents. Even the cheesy parts, like schmaltzy Christmas music and drinking hot cocoa by the fire. We love watching Home Alone and The Santa Clause, wearing Santa hats and listening to someone read A Christmas Carol (even if it’s just the Disney picture book version with Mickey Mouse).

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DIY Gift Guide for Simple, Nifty Christmas Gifts

Each year when Christmas season rolls around, we’ve found our list of families and individuals to whom we want to give Christmas gifts growing by several notches. This is a happy thing, because our extended family is growing as new spouses, significant others, and children are added, and new friends are being made. We love it!

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Last Minute Christmas Gift for Her (Mom, Sister, Friend…)

Last Minute Christmas Gift for Woman

Last Minute Christmas Gift for Woman

Looking for the perfect gift for a woman, one brimming with beauty and possibilities? One that is perfectly suited to her decorative style, her flowery personality, her fashionable sensibilities? And are you looking for this gift a little too close to the deadline, even for expedited shipping? Are you looking for a … (*gasp*) … Last Minute Christmas Gift?!?

Then give her a beautiful card, with a printout of this picture, promising her a Year of Wreaths from Northwest Gifts. Not only will she receive her first floral wreath whenever you choose (well, maybe not in time for Christmas!), but she will receive one for each of the four seasons:

Pods and Twigs Wreath (Spring)

A rich and sprightly display of nigella pods and pink gomphrena nestled in a bed of winterbud. About 18″ across.

Sun Country Wreath (Summer)

Bring on the sun! Sunflowers, winterbud, tapestry millet, lipidium and safflowers will brighten your day. About 18″ across.

Autumn Splendor Wreath (Fall)

Perfect for a glowing fall season. Made with a mixture of preserved red, natural basil and yellow salal, along with dried triticale, winterbud, and nigella pods. Recommend for indoor use only. About 18″ across.

Bay Celosia Christmas Wreath (Winter/Holiday)

This cheery holiday door wreath brings out the brightness of Christmas. A lush base of fresh Oregon myrtle makes a perfect background for the Red Celosia. When you or your friend opens the box, this wreath is guaranteed to please. Approximately 18″ across.

All our wreaths are made from 100% organic materials, harvested and assembled at a certified organic farm along the Oregon coast. These wreaths can be shipped out at the beginning of each season (we’ve pre-filled out for you the dates: next March 1st, June 1st, Sep. 1st, and Dec. 1st), or you can specify your own dates!

This way, she’ll have an entire year to enjoy your gorgeous (and organically grown, ethically harvested) gift, and still be glowing from the joy of receiving her last wreath next December, in time to decorate for the 2012 Christmas season! This truly is a gift that can’t be beat, and when you consider that the packaged deal of our Year of Wreaths is much less then all four organic floral wreaths purchased separately, you’ll be happy to know you’ve given a gift that is not only organic, affordable, and beautiful, but which will be received four times throughout the next year!