The 11 Best Oak Barrel Coffee Tables in the Universe

Premium Wine and Whiskey Barrel Coffee Tables and End Tables

“Really?” you say. “The ten best oak barrel coffee tables… in theĀ universe?” “No,” we reply. “This listicle goes to eleven.”

“Fine, eleven,” you say. “But are these really the best barrel coffee tables in the entire universe?” Well, why don’t we take a gander at the options and you can decide for yourself. Continue reading

Oak Barrel Head Lazy Susan Giveaway

Oak Barrel Lazy Susan Giveaway


An ideal way to display an evening’s selection of wines or appetizers, our Oak Barrel Head Lazy Susans are crafted in the USA from authentic barrel heads, and can feature one of our many personalized laser engraved designs, modeled after wine labels and distillery brand stenciling.

GIVEAWAY: On our Facebook page we’re giving away one of these beautiful Lazy Susans! Enter to win via Rafflecopter widget. Contests ends 3/22/13 at midnight. The winner chooses finish:

Barrel Head Lazy Susan Finish


Bagpipe Scotch Brewing Barrel Personalized

Oak Brewing Barrel Laser Engraved

Oak Brewing Barrel Laser EngravedThe Bagpipe Scotch Barrel Personalized is a real oak wood brewing barrel which includes the stand, bung, and spigot for devoloping your homemade Scotch or other brew. The barrel head features our Bagpipe Scotch laser etched design, which is personalized with your name, brewery established date, and brewery name. Available in an assortment of sizes, starting at 1 liter for $59.95. Perfect for the DIY home brewer.

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