21 Vintage Home Bar Plaques to Complete Your Remodel

Vintage home bar plaques to complete your remodel

Remodeling is tough work. If you’re turning a bonus room, den, or kitchen space into a home bar, you lose all or part of that room for a while… and usually longer than the original estimate! Then there’s sawdust and grime and everyone’s coming and going.

But when you get near to the end of the home bar remodel, that’s when the fun begins. Continue reading

9 Personalized Bottle Shaped Plaques for Your Home Bar

Wine Bottle

A bottle – wine, whiskey, rum, champagne, etc. – is a universal symbol of fullness, generosity, and festivity. Celebrations are initiated, sailing ships christened, engagements cheered, new homes blessed, guests welcomed, and friendships are enjoyed, all with the opening of a bottle.

If you have or are designing a home bar, a wine or whiskey bottle is the ideal Continue reading