Wood Jigsaw Puzzle Stools

Home Bar Stools in Puzzle Piece Shape

Home Bar Stools in Puzzle Piece Shape


Made of hand-carved mango wood from India, these interlocking puzzle stools function as occasional seating, coffee tables, benches or simply fun accent pieces to for any room. Their diminutive size means they can accommodate any space—though you can interlock them to create a larger furniture piece. Available from Aha Life.

Create A Toy From Your Child’s Drawing

Cute Stuffed Animals

Child's drawing turned into toyThese are not only a brilliant and unique idea, but also ridiculously cute. Send in your child’s drawing to Child’s Own Studio, and they will create a one-of-a-kind stuffed doll modeled after the drawing! This is a great gift idea not only for kids, but also for the parents who will treasure these dolls as a keepsake to remember their child’s unique brand of creativity.

Cute Children's Toys

Cute Stuffed Animals

Custom Engraved Metal Bookmarks

Personalized Metal Bookmarks

Personalized Metal BookmarksA great personalized gift idea for celebrating a graduation or milestone, perfect for encouraging readers in small groups or for participation awards. We can engrave your logo or custom text, and bulk discounts are available for orders of multiple units! Multiple colors available, and each one includes a decorative tassel. Shop for these and many more laser engraved gifts and awards at Northwest Gifts.

Pink Metal Bookmark Laser Engraved


Golf Ball Bank with Personalization

Personalized Golf Ball Bank

Personalized Golf Ball Bank

This Golf Ball Bank is a neat, multipurpose, personalized golf gift for an autograph collector, golf enthusiast, or as “baby’s first bank”. The large golf ball (7″ diameter) is comprised of two pieces which snap together to form a bank with a coin slot on top, and provides a large area to collect golf signatures. The Golf Ball Bank includes a clear stand, a mesh carrying bag, and a Sharpie pen to begin your autograph collection.

Additionally, we will print any logo or text as well as most decent quality photos onto the front of the ball for a unique Christmas gift idea!

Detail of Golf Ball Bank

Monster Storage for Kids

Monster Storage PlushMon-stors are one-of-a-kind storage solutions in the form of monsters, made by Lu and Ed, an eco-friendly indie biz. What do Mon-stors do? Hang Mon-stors & use them to hold toys, laundry, or even in the car over a headrest for storage on road trips – whatever you can think of!

Pictured above is Posker (Update: Posker has been adopted, but there are more available!). According to the product description:

Posker was pleasantly surprised the first time he ate a teddy bear – they quickly became his new favorite snack! Posker would love to be adopted into a home with a kid that has lots and lots of teddy bears to ‘eat’!

This is a full grown Mon-stor, measuring almost 2 feet tall and 18 inches wide! He can hold an entire load of laundry and lots of toys! Feed Mon-stors laundry, toys and more – they love to help clean up the floor!

*please do not pin Lu & Ed products to Pinterest. Thank you!*

Monster plush toys, like the one pictured below, are also available:

Monster Plush Toy Christmas Gifts