21 Unique Radiologist Gift Ideas

Radiologists can be an interesting crowd. If you’re looking for some unique radiologist gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Not so much because we know a lot about radiologists. (I mean, after all, who can truly know another person…. lol jk.) We may not know much* about radiology, but we do know gifts.

*By “not much” we mean nothing at all, really.

So here are our best gift ideas for radiologists and their ilk (yes, we’re looking at you, x-ray techs). From creatively unique to uniquely practical, these are the things we’ve found radiologists tend to like. We’ve scoured medical chat boards, radiology blogs, and our own experience providing gifts to medical professionals to bring you 21 unique radiologist gift ideas.

Unique Radiologist Gift Ideas

21 Unique Radiologist Gift Ideas

Creative and unique gift ideas for radiologists, radiology students, and x-ray professionals.

1. Vintage Personalized Radiologist Sign

Custom Radiology PlaqueAvailable here

This is our favorite. This Personalized Radiology Plaque has it all: Made in the USA, furniture grade wood, vintage style, distressed finish, and customized. Oh, and a hand-carved 3-dimensional caduceus medical symbol. The ultimate gift idea for the office of the board-certified radiologist.

2. 256 Shades of Gray Coffee Mug

Radiology Coffee Mug - Radiologist Gift IdeasAvailable here

Radiology humor at its finest. Give them a laugh, plus a handy coffee mug. Because we know anyone who works in the medical profession basically runs on caffeine.

3. Audible Membership

Radiology Gift Ideas: Audiobook membershipSee more details

An audiobook subscription is a great idea for any radiologist who loves books. They can listen in the car, at the gym, or to decompress after a long day. Audible is a great platform, as are Downpour, ChristianAudio, and AudioBooks.com.

4. Vintage Radiology Medical Book Page Print

Framed Art Gift For RadiologistAvailable here

Some radiologists will never want to be reminded of their days in school. Others just absolutely love the details and history and intricacies of their profession. If the radiologist in your life is like this, they will probably love a vintage framed art print taken from an actual radiology textbook.

5. Radiologist’s Go Bag

Gymn Bag for a Useful Radiologist Gift IdeaAvailable here

The radiology go bag is a must. Whether the after hours activities involve Jason Bourne-style spy hunts or just a trip to the gym, a solid travel bag is a useful and practical radiologist gift idea.

6. Pour Over Coffee Maker

Classy Radiologist Gift IdeaAvailable here

Show that you know coffee. This is the ultra-hip coffee brewing system of choice these days. The glass helps keep the brew as smooth as possible as every bit of flavor (and caffeine!!) is extracted from a small-batch crafted single-origin fair trade coffee roast.

If they already are set on their coffee making process, you won’t go wrong with a personalized vintage style coffee house plaque instead.

7. Personalized Insulated Tumbler for Their Coffee

Custom Engraved Tumbler Gift Idea for RadiologistsAvailable here

Here’s a great gift for the radiologist or radiology student on the go. YETI tumblers are famous for precision temperature control of your beverages, keeping hot drinks hot way longer, and cold drinks cool. Did you know you can get it custom engraved? Yep, it’s true… just about any text, the radiology department logo, or anything else you choose.

8. X-Ray: See Through the World Around You

Radiology Book Gift IdeaAvailable here

We think of an X-ray as a medical or security tool—but it can be so much more. As award-winning photographer Nick Veasey shows in this ethereal collection of X-ray photography, the X-ray machine can reveal new and exciting worlds hidden beneath the surface. The perfect coffee table book for a radiologist.

9. Oak Aging Barrel

Radiology Gift Ideas: Oak Aging BarrelAvailable here

Help kickstart a weekend hobby for the radiologist who has long talked about aging their own wine or whiskey. This is an authentic barrel made from American White Oak wood and medium char on the interior, perfect for aging whiskey at home.

10. Portable Neck & Back Massager

Gift Ideas for a RadiologistAvailable here

The ideal way to unwind and relax after a long day in the radiology department, this back and neck massager will be a much-used gift. Features include soothing heat, eight kneading rollers, and designed for use not only on the neck and back but also shoulders, waist, mid-sections, arms, legs, and feet.

11. Living Wreath

Living Wreath made from Organic SucculentsAvailable here

This pretty decor accent is a “living” wreath, made from natural organic succulents. Long lasting and beautiful, this is a trendy and low-maintenance home decor accent that will breathe life into any room.

12. Bonsai Tree

Radiologist Gift Ideas: Bonsai TreeAvailable here

For a bit more active involvement in botanicals, they may just fall in love with tending a bonsai tree. These little kits are affordable, fun, and can go just about anywhere. Home or office, there’s always room for a bonsai tree.

13. Anatomical Necklaces

Jewelry with anatomically correct heart, brains, lungs, and moreAvailable here

These necklaces are not only anatomically correct, they’re also adorable! Hearts, brains, lungs, wishbones, and more are available as the radiologist gift of choice.

14. Top-Notch Lab Coat

Gift Idea for Radiologist: Premium Lab CoatAvailable here

Maybe it’s not as flashy as some of these other gift ideas, but it will certainly be appreciated. A premium medical lab coat might be the one thing they really want but haven’t bothered to get for themselves. Useful, comfortable, and practical – does this sound like a radiologist you know? Then get it.

15. Craft Beer & Accessories

Personalized Brew Pub PlaqueGet this and a six pack

For the radiologist who has everything, a consumable gift may be the way to go. Here are some gift ideas for the craft beer enthusiast:

16. Wine & Accessories

Unique Radiologist Wine GiftsCustomize the wine bottle label on this plaque

Next, we have the best gifts for a wine connoisseur:

17. Whiskey & Accessories

Whiskey Gift IdeasHere are 30 great whiskey gift ideas

And lastly, we round out this triad of popular adult beverage ideas with some whiskey gifts for the radiologist who loves some fine whiskey:

18. Digital Highlighter

Radiologist GiftsAvailable here

Taking notes in the 21st century means you need to go digital. With this nifty digital highlighter, highlights go from paper directly onto your device. From there, you can access notes and highlights anywhere, in a search-ready format.

19. Personalized Commemorative Keepsake Box

Memory Box for RadiologistPersonalize it here

A classic commemorative gift. This keepsake box is crafted in the USA from premium walnut wood. It’s no imported knock-off. Plus it includes free personalization on the name plate, and plenty of room to store letters, jewelry, photos, or keepsakes from life in the medical profession. Perfect as a retirement gift for a radiologist.

20. Unique Radiologist Gift Idea: Drone

Drone Gift IdeaThis affordable entry model is available here

Here’s a unique gift for the radiologist who likes to unwind outdoors in creative ways. Perfect for launching a hobby, a drone is a popular gift because it’s good, clean, high-tech fun. Try the entry level model above or the high-end starter videographer drone here.

21. Radiologist Ugly Christmas Sweater

Radiology Gift Ideas for ChristmasAvailable here

You won’t regret this when you see your radiologist wearing it faithfully every holiday season.

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