10 Super Cute Doormats

10 Cute Doormats

What better to welcome in the New Year than an adorable, cute, or fun doormat? Here are ten of the best doormat designs we’ve found on the interwebs. These will be perfect for your home, or as a housewarming gift for a friend.

1. Cute Owl Doormat from KikkerlandSuper Cute Doormats2. Cute Key Doormat from Mod Cloth

Adorable Doormats3. Union Jack Doormat from Heal’s

Cute Doormats4. Cute Dance Step Doormat from Chiasso

Dancing Doormat

5. Cute Hot Air Balloon Doormat from Wal-Mart

Balloon Doormat6. Cute Leafy Doormat from Crate & Barrel

Cute Doormat with Leaf Design7. Cute Simpli-City Doormat from Mod Cloth

Cute City Scene Doormat8. Cute Waterlily Doormat from Pure Home

Cute Doormats9. Cute Playful Cat Doormat from Organize-It

Cute Doormats

10. Cute Cassette Doormat from Fab

Tape B Doormat

Partly Sunny Studio Original Paintings and Prints

Blue painting abstract tree.

Blue painting abstract tree.

Partly Sunny Studio creates original paintings and prints in a beautiful, vibrantly colored modern/abstract style. You can find these and many more lush paintings (as well as note card prints, handmade jewelry, and more) at Partly Sunny Studio on Etsy.

A bit about Rachel Biggs, the artist behind Partly Sunny Studio:

I am a self taught artist living and painting in New York. I love music, animals, birds, trees and flowers; so most of my art is inspired by one or more of these things. I take that inspiration and try to create abstract modern art that is bright, colorful, and a bit whimsical.

Be sure to check out Rachel’s art and print gallery on Etsy!