Christ-Centered Christmas Traditions that Children Love

Christmas Traditions That Children Love

We love Christmas so much at our house. All the traditions, all the decorations, all the presents. Even the cheesy parts, like schmaltzy Christmas music and drinking hot cocoa by the fire. We love watching Home Alone and The Santa Clause, wearing Santa hats and listening to someone read¬†A Christmas Carol (even if it’s just the Disney picture book version with Mickey Mouse).

We love Christmas so much because we love celebrating that Jesus came into the world Continue reading

Gift Ideas for Family Worship | Scripture Songs from Seeds Family Worship

We ordered Volume 6 of Seeds Family Worship‘s kids music CDs for our kids as a Christmas present, and haven’t regretted it (as with so many children’s media products!).

The songs are fun yet not annoying, mostly singable, and the lyrics are all Scripture verses coming straight out of the ESV version of the Bible. And actually, several songs are really quite catching, and I’ve found myself humming and singing even after the kids have tired of dancing around in the living room and have retreated to play in their rooms.

The neat aspect of using these kids worship albums as a family gift is that each CD comes packages with 2 discs and 2 sleeves, so you just tear or cut the cardboard and you can keep one for yourself or just give both away!

Listen to Seeds Family Worship here

Custom “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Laser Engraved Plaques!

Joshua 24:15 Wood Plaque
Joshua 24:15 Wood Plaque

Personalized with family name and date!

This plaques is a terrific gift! While there are thousands of plaques and home decor items with Joshua 24:15 (“As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”), most are painted (which will chip and deteriorate) or somewhat generic (see our generic version, inset), or just plain spendy. This version is awesome because:

  1. It’s made from real, hearty American Red Alder wood

    Joshua 24:15 Laser Engraved Plaque

    Joshua 24:15 Plaque

  2. It’s laser engraved into the wood itself
  3. It’s customized with your name or family name and “date established” at no extra cost
  4. It’s personalized and shipped to you in a couple of days
  5. It’s ready to hang
  6. It’s stylish
  7. It’s simple
  8. It’s readable
  9. It’s affordable ($32.95 for a 7″ x 9″!)
  10. It comes in several sizes (up to 10-1/2″ x 13″ for $50)
  11. And, if you order more than one, there are bulk discounts!
Perfect for so many gift giving occasions and recipients: a wedding gift for a Christian couple; an anniversary gift for a spouse, parents or grandparents; a Christmas gift; a thank-you for volunteers at church; a gift for members of your home group or Bible study; a Father’s Day gift; and so much more!
We dare you to shop around and find a personalized “As for me and my house” plaque that is more attractive and more affordable!¬†